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24.6 million
Nigerians are food
insecure (World Bank)
Despite how complex it may seem,
by working together, we can end
end hunger, increase food security and
strengthen our food systems.
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20 million Nigerian
children are out of
school (UNESCO)
We reduce the dropout rate among
students while improving their
academic performance with our
school feeding program
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Only 17 per cent of Nigerian
workers hold the wage jobs
best able to lift them out of
To combat poverty and promote social
change, we provide women and youths
in underserved communities with means
of sustenance through backyard farming
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Over 2 million
We address immediate food needs and
provide them with solutions to malnutrition
and livelihood in underserved communities
through our various programs.
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Nigeria wastes over 37.9
million tonnes of food
every year.
We redirect surplus food away from
landfills to vulnerable families, public
schools, the destitute, and malnourished
people inside and outside of Lagos.
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Nigeria has the second-highest
burden of malnourished
children in the world and
the first in Africa (UNICEF)
Our nutrition program is committed to
tracking and improving the dietary needs
of expectant mothers, young children,
and their mothers.
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Over 11.2 million
Nigerians are currently
living with diabetes
We support people with diabetes in
low-income communities to live healthier
lives by providing them with a steady supply
of nutrient-rich food and counselling.
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133 million Nigerians
are suffering from
We equip and empower our beneficiaries
with skills and resources to establish
their backyard farm to generate
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Food Banking & Farming

With support from individuals and corporate donors through the Lagos Food Bank Farm Funds, we create sustainable means of nutrition by establishing, supporting livestock and crop farming programs within our selected communities.

We strongly believe Food is essential to human existence. We are determined to create conditions that will allow people to thrive, systems that seek to alleviate hunger and combat aspects of multi-dimensional poverty by delivering food and disaster relief items. We champion food banking system in a front line model in the following ways:

  • School feeding
  • Community Nutrition based interventions
  • Urban farming
  • Job placement for beneficiary resilience and self sustenance
  • Walk-in-beneficiaries
  • Cloth Banking Nigeria

Become A Volunteer

Help make a difference and touch so many lives in your very own Lagos.

Become A Corporate Partner

We welcome all types of corporate partnership that can facilitate our humanitarian services to under served communities.

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Our donation options offer easy ways to donate. Make a one-time gift or ask about scheduling monthly donations.

Become a Beneficiary NGO

We work with non-profits like community development NGOs and other organizations that provide emergency food assistance to people in need.

About Lagos Food Bank

Fighting Hunger & Malnutrition

Lagos Food Bank is a non-profit, nutrition-focused initiative committed to fighting hunger, reducing food waste and solving the problem of malnutrition through targeted programs that seek to improve the nutrition/food intake of pregnant women and their infants who are not able to get the required nutrients during pregnancy and breastfeeding of their babies.

Our primary goal at LFBI is to reach out to:

  • Children from ages 0-16
  • Pregnant women and Lactating mothers
  • Patients of diet related diseases
  • Seniors from ages 50 years and above
  • Destitute
  • Extremely indigent families
On-Going Programs

Learn About Our Programs

Family Farming Program

  Problem Statement: In Nigeria, the unrelenting challenges of hunger, poverty, and malnutrition disproportionately affect vulnerable communities, creating a persistent cycle of deprivation. Access to nutritious food and economic stability remains an elusive dream for countless families, with women and youth in underserved areas bearing the heaviest burden of this


  Education Enhancement Intervention for Food Insecure Students, (EDUFOOD) is a program that seeks to improve the nutritional status and health of food insecure students. It is also geared towards increasing school attendance, reducing dropout rates and increasing the children’s ability to concentrate and comprehend in class. This program will


  Nutritious Meal Plan Intervention for Vulnerable Mothers and Children, (NUMEPLAN) is a program that seeks to improve the nutrition of vulnerable mothers and children living in underserved communities in Lagos State. It pursues to ensure that they have sufficient intake of required nutrients and food for optimal growth, function


  Nutrition Intervention for Diabetes Self-management (NIDS), for indigent adults living with diabetes, is a two year (2020-2022) program, that seeks to improve the glycemic control of people living with diabetes (PLD) in low-income communities by providing them with free diabetes-appropriate meals or foodstuff. The program has been renewed for

Job Placement Programme

  Problem Statement: Unemployment in Nigeria is a complex issue with multiple underlying causes. One major factor contributing to this lack of job opportunities in various sectors of the economy. With the growing population and limited employment options, people are left struggling to find meaningful work. Achievements: The job placement


. Problem Statement: The 11th Global Food Security Index (GFSI) published last year, showed that Nigeria ranked 107th (scoring 42.0 points) out of 113th countries globally in the food security index. This suggests that 12.9 %of the global population in extreme poverty was found in Nigeria as of 2022. In the

Food Bank Network Nigeria Program

  Food Bank Network Nigeria Program (FBNN) is an initiative of Lagos Food Bank that supplies food to a coalition of local food bank partners and credible non-profit organizations across Nigeria. The Food Bank Network program was designed to reach more communities and beneficiaries that are outside Lagos and far-to-reach

Cloth Banking Nigeria (CBN)

  Problem Statement: The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in 2022 released a multidimensional poverty report stating that about 133 million people in Nigeria are multidimensionally poor, which means 63% of the population cannot afford basic necessities which includes: Food, Shelter and Clothing adequately. Over the years, clothing insecurity which

Agricultural Recovery Program (ARP)

  Nigeria faces a considerable problem of food loss and waste, with an estimated 40% of all food produced going to waste. This is a significant loss considering the high levels of poverty and food insecurity in the country with over 130 million people living below the poverty line. Many

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    About Lagos Food Bank

    Our Core Values

    • Commitment: We are committed to solving hunger induced problems and providing related services
    • Compassion: We are motivated by compassion to reach out to the poor
    • Community: We collaborate with others who share our goals of a poverty free nation
    • Connection: We build a community of people that connect with the needs of the most vulnerable in the society
    • Contribution: We do whatever it takes to add value and contribute to deliver more services to our beneficiaries through shared goals and mutual support
    About lagos Food bank

    Our Vision & Mission

    To be the Nation’s leading Domestic Hunger relief organization that provides access to sufficient and nutritious food for all.

    There are two parts to our Mission:

    • To act as a front-line agency assisting those struggling with malnutrition and hunger across the country.
    • To champion sustainable food security, nutrition, and empowerment, transforming communities and fostering equitable access to food resources throughout Nigeria.

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