Problem Statement:

The Nigerian unemployment rate has increased from 37.7% with further rise to 40.6% in view due to the continuing inflow of job seekers into the job market and by 2024 the unemployment rate will grow to 43%. This level of unemployment is a mirror image of the state of a nation’s economy which one of the evidences is the  lack of gainful employment ranking high in the list of socio-political problems confronting Nigeria at present.


The job placement program is an innovative approach adopted by Lagos Food Bank to achieve its goal in solving underlying causes of hunger and malnutrition which include poverty and unemployment. This program is geared towards ensuring our beneficiaries get jobs to enable them to fend for themselves, contribute to the enterprise, and not solely rely on the food bank for food and relief items. We achieve this by collating the basic skills and educational qualifications of our unemployed beneficiaries into curriculum vitae. These skills are advertised digitally using e-flyer. Over 200 beneficiaries have benefitted from the job placement program as of April 2021.


Lagos Food Bank Initiative main goal is to achieve zero hunger (SDG 2). Economic Instability has led to a high rate of unemployment which has led to poverty and hunger. The job placement program was birthed due to the high rate of unemployment amongst our beneficiaries.


Our goal is to reduce unemployment and underemployment by providing job opportunities and resources to beneficiaries to enable them to become self-reliant and gainfully employed.


The unemployed and underemployed in low-income communities


Beneficiaries Development

  • Resume and cover letter development assistance for unlettered beneficiaries in search of jobs opportunities
  • Connections with employers (corporate organizations, Donors, individuals and volunteers)
  • We search and link our beneficiaries to potential menial jobs opportunities


  • Cleaner
  • Wash woman/Man
  • Nannies
  • Housekeeper
  • Sales assistant
  • Driver
  • Security guards
  • Dispatch Riders
  • Plumber
  • Electrician

To be a part of the job placement program; call our Land Line: +234 (1) 2918754 or email:

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For further information on how you can partner with the food bank, please call: 02012918754 or Email:


For further information on how you can volunteer, please call: 07061722099 , 09060291044 , 07049246214 , 09060389145 , 09048885087

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to be connected to a beneficiary?
No, you are not required to make any payment in this regard. This is just our way of tackling unemployment in Lagos by connecting the skills of our beneficiaries to jobs around them to make them fend for themselves.

Are beneficiaries linked to a work place by proximity?
Yes, although this is not guaranteed. We try to connect beneficiaries with employers close to them so as to save them the cost of transportation.

Does the food bank job get a commission for connecting beneficiaries to employers?
No, we do not get a commission. Our primary goal is to ensure our beneficiaries are gainfully employed so they can fend for themselves.

Am I guaranteed to get a menial worker if I contact your organization through your instagram page @foodbankjobs?
No, we try our best to connect you to a menial worker. However, connection is based on the availability of beneficiaries that best fit your job opening.

As a beneficiary at Lagos food bank, if I am connected to a job, how will I be paid at the end of the month? Is it direct payment or through the food bank?
Payment of salary is made directly to the beneficiary by the employer. The food bank is not involved in the process of salary payment. The food bank only facilitates the connection between the employer and the beneficiaries.

Would I be guaranteed accommodation if I stay far away from the job location?
At food bank jobs, we don’t decide any availability of accommodation. This is decided by the employers. However, it also depends on the kind of job you are

Will the food bank be held responsible if there is any form of misconduct between the employer and beneficiary/potential employee?
The food bank is not responsible for any form of misconduct that may occur between both parties. Our duty is to aid the connection between the employer and our beneficiaries. This is why we encourage the employers to request for a guarantor from the beneficiaries/employee.