Education Enhancement Intervention for Food Insecure Students, (EDUFOOD) is a program that seeks to improve the nutritional status and health of food insecure students. It is also geared towards increasing school attendance, reducing dropout rates and increasing the children’s ability to concentrate and comprehend in class. This program will

Family Farming Program

  Lagos is densely populated and only produces 3% of the food it needs. Through our Family Farming program we promote food security and sustainable livelihoods by identifying households in need for long-term nutrition and livelihood support especially women and youth. Our Family Farming program focuses on farming vegetables, snails

Food Bank Network Nigeria Program

  Food Bank Network Nigeria Program (FBNN) is an initiative of Lagos Food Bank that supplies food to a coalition of local food bank partners and credible non-profit organizations across Nigeria. The Food Bank Network program was designed to reach more communities and beneficiaries that are outside Lagos and far-to-reach

Job Placement Programme

  The job placement program is an innovative approach adopted by Lagos Food Bank to achieve its goal in solving underlying causes of hunger and malnutrition which include poverty and unemployment. This program is geared towards ensuring our beneficiaries get jobs to enable them to fend for themselves, contribute to


. Nutrition Intervention for Diabetes Self-management (NIDS), for indigent adults living with diabetes, is a two year (2020-2022) program that seeks to improve the glycemic control of people living with diabetes (PLD) in low-income communities by providing them with free diabetes-appropriate meals or foodstuff. The Vision: To solve the problem


  Nutritious Meal Plan Intervention for Vulnerable Mothers and Children, (NUMEPLAN) is a program that seeks to improve the nutrition of vulnerable mothers and children living in underserved communities in Lagos State. It pursues to ensure that they have sufficient intake of required nutrients and food for optimal growth, function


. Our Temporary Food Assistance Program(TEFAP) is a program targeted at providing immediate food, nutrition and relief assistance to families in low cost communities in Lagos and its environs at no cost. These materials provided can sustain each family of 5 for about 2-4 weeks. Having reached over 120 communities