It is important to find a way to ensure the Lagos Food Bank can continue the fight to eliminate hunger and its causes for years to come. We have found out that a long-term commitment is the perfect way to express support for our hunger-relief efforts.

Making a charitable bequest in your written estate plan is a great way to continue being a steward after your death and also may qualify your estate for a charitable deduction equal to the entire amount of the bequest. Charitable bequests offer the tools for each of us to make a meaningful final statement about what we love, cherish, and hold dear. By making a bequest or other “planned gift” to the Lagos Food Bank, you can continue to help us improve our community and can leave an important legacy that emphasizes your commitment to seeing “that no person in our immediate community or any of our local government areas goes hungry”

While the Lagos Food Bank is able to provide a reliable food supply to ensure that local residents are able to access emergency food, we also know that there will be a long-term need for emergency food and essentials in our community. A great way individuals can continue to ensure that our community has the resources to meet the needs of increasing numbers of hungry children, adults, and seniors is to make a meaningful statement about what they love and cherish by creating a written estate plan designating a gift to the Lagos Food Bank.

There are various ways in which you can make that commitment and leave a lasting legacy; you can leave a bequest in your will by adding Lagos Food Bank as a beneficiary of the specific item in your will.  Remembering LFBI in your Will is a reflection of your caring concern for people in your community who are in need. A bequest to LFBI enables you to do what you perhaps cannot do during your lifetime and provides an on-going testimony to your desire to make a difference. A bequest is a way to continue making a positive, life-changing contribution and will ensure LFBI receives the vital support we need to realise the vision of a Nigeria without hunger. It also acts as a beacon to others encouraging them to do likewise.

If you are interested in learning more or joining in the effort to fight hunger for years to come, please feel free to contact our legal team via email ( or phone call (07031295645).

For further information on how you can donate to the food bank, please call: 02012918754