Become A Beneficiary Organization

A Beneficiary Organization is a term for nonprofits such as community development NGOs, food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelter, afterschool meal program, and other organizations that provide emergency food assistance to people in need. These NGOs are on the front lines of hunger, directly providing food and other human services to their community.
Our beneficiary organizations have access to canned food products, baby food, breakfast cereals, grains, condiments, milk, beverages, and essential non-food items such as personal hygiene items, clothing materials and paper products.

We are looking for Non-governmental organizations that are currently addressing food insecurity in their communities and plan to do so for the long haul. Please follow the steps below to assess your interest and alignment with our agency network.

  • Step 1: Before considering partnering directly with the Food Bank, please click here to read our Beneficiary Organization Application Manual and Eligibility Criteria Questionnaire which is a self-assessment designed to help your organization determine your readiness for partnership..
  • Step 2: Please click here to fill the Beneficiary Organization application form.

If your organization does not meet at least half of the eligibility criteria for partnership, partnering with Lagos Food Bank Initiative may not be the best fit for your organization or our network at this time. However, we encourage
you to continue to fight hunger in the communities you cover.

Between 2020 and 2021, we have had the privilege to partner with below listed credible NGOs from different locations in Nigeria serving their communities.

  • Dreams from the slum
  • Empowerment Initiative
  • Executive helping Initiative
  • Milecent Foundation
  • Pink food bank
  • Restructure Africa
  • Yagazie Foundation
  • Save the slum Initiative
  • Regalo Hope Foundation
  • Save a child Mission
  • Best Rescue Initiative
  • Save our women and girls Foundation
  • Lanre Aroba Foundation
  • Together for Needs initiative
  • Women Impacting Nigeria
  • Helpgate foundation
  • RAK development Foundation
  • Do Good Charity Initiative
  • Candlelight Foundation
  • Clare Cares Initiative
  • Nikels Aid Foundation
  • Doctors Health Initiative
  • The Face Foundation
  • Rural Nurture Initiative
  • Pealim Foundation
  • Feed a mouth Initiative
  • Women of Inestimable Values
  • Remilekun Foundation
  • January Twenty Seventh Foundation
  • Yegi Initiative
  • The Heart Menders Foundation
  • Grannies Lounge
  • The Ahuva Foundation
  • Manna for life Foundation
  • Project Grey Nigeria
  • Precious Stones Foundation
  • Bakog Foundation
  • Romi’s Life Support
  • Street 2 school Initiative
  • Ovals Foundation
  • Milecent Foundation
  • Old age Care Nigeria
  • Nikky’z Foundation
  • Ajani Support Foundation
  • Childhood Reform
  • Pad a girl Initiative
  • Care Galaxy Foundation
  • Skill and Virtue Alive
  • Steer for New Born
  • Lend a hand Africa
  • Abbey Gov Foundation
  • Umbrella for Africa Child
  • Preesim Foundation
  • Hope for the Slum Initiative
  • Be a Gift to All Foundation
  • Community Development Links Initiative
  • Lanre Ayoola Foundation
  • Project Ark
  • Dream Foundation
  • Adlai Heroes Foundation
  • Opeogun Opemidayo Foundation
  • The Hope Place
  • Tosin Quota Foundation
  • Berkie Foundation
  • Peculiar Saints
  • Selfworth Organization for women development
  • My Child, My Treasure Foundation
  • Jadesola Jolaosho
  • Share Love Initiative
  • Smile with Layo Foundation
  • A’kins Foundation
  • Yemi Golden Touch Initiative
  • Divine Intervention Impact Foundation
  • Infinity Great Achievers
  • Aremolekun Care Foundation
  • Camp Adventure Africa Initiative
  • Ajegunle Food Bank
  • Give back Nigeria
  • Alat Foundation
  • Lofelofe Online
  • Grace Smile Foundation
  • Bread of Life Foundation
  • Adonai Empowerment Foundation
  • Eyimo Outreach
  • Jael Pearls Foundation
  • Mawumadoka Foundation
  • Raising Africa Stars
  • Gifting Without Borders
  • Gracious woman Care Initiative
  • Give -N-Elevate
  • Warm Embrace Initiative
  • Save Our Teen
  • Feed the Vulnerable Families

Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly click here  for your organization to apply to become a beneficiary of the Lagos Food Bank.

No, we only support non – profit organizations with food items to serve their communities .However, we do this on a neutral ground with all the eligibility criteria duly observed but not under the religion umbrella.

We  support partner  NGOs with food items only. However we do cash transfers where their location is very far, especially non- profit organizations in the north.

Yes, kindly click here to become a beneficiary

Yes, for evaluation and better understanding of our beneficiary needs.