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Food Banking & Farming

With support from individuals and corporate donors through the Lagos Food Bank Farm Funds, we create sustainable means of nutrition by establishing, supporting livestock and crop farming programs within our selected communities.

We strongly believe Food is essential to human existence. We are determined create conditions that will allow people to thrive, systems that seeks to alleviate hunger and combat aspects of multi-dimensional poverty by delivering food and disaster relief items. We champion food banking system in a front line model in the following ways:

  • School feeding
  • Community Nutrition based interventions
  • Urban farming
  • Job placement for beneficiary resilience and self sustenance
  • Daily Mobile Pantry Services
  • Walk-in-beneficiaries

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About Lagos Food Bank

Fighting Hunger & Malnutrition

Lagos Food Bank is a non-profit, nutrition-focused initiative committed to fighting hunger, reducing food waste and solving the problem of malnutrition through targeted programs that seek to improve the nutrition/food intake of pregnant women and their infants who are not able to get the required nutrient during pregnancy and breastfeeding of their babies.

Our primary goal at LFBI is to reach out to:

  • Children from ages 0-16
  • Pregnant women and Lactating mothers
  • Patients of diet related diseases
  • Seniors from ages 50 years and above
  • Destitute
  • Extremely indigent families
On-Going Programs

Learn About Our Programs


Education Enhancement Intervention for Food Insecure Students, (EDUFOOD) is a program that seeks to improve the nutritional status and health of food insecure students. It is also geared towards increasing school attendance, reducing dropout rates and increasing the children’s ability to concentrate and comprehend in class. This program will also

Family Farming Program

Until recently, farming has been a largely rural activity. But the recent explosion in population together with a pressing need to find more sustainable ways of production and consumption, has led to the adaptation of farming techniques in more built up environments. The Lagos Food Bank Initiative’s Family farming program

Job Placement Programme

We have added innovation to our food security approach by collating basic skills of the beneficiaries into a Curriculum Vitae through our human resources practitioners. These skills are advertised to corporate organizations digitally to enable beneficiaries get jobs to fend for themselves and contribute to the enterprise as well. Also


Nutrition Intervention for Diabetes Self-management (NIDS), for indigent adults living with diabetes, is a two year (2020-2022) program that seeks to improve the glycemic control of people living with diabetes (PLD) in low-income communities by providing them with free diabetes-appropriate meals or foodstuff. The Vision: To solve the problem of


. Nutritious Meal Plan Intervention for Vulnerable Mothers and Children, (NUMEPLAN) is a program that seeks to improve the nutrition of vulnerable mothers and children living in underserved communities in Lagos State. It pursues to ensure that they have sufficient intake of required nutrients and food for optimal growth, function


Our Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program(TEFAP) is a program targeted at providing immediate food, nutrition and relief assistance to families in low cost communities in Lagos and its environs at no cost. These materials provided can sustain each family of 5 for about 2-4 weeks. Having reached over 120 communities

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    About Lagos Food Bank

    Our Core Values

    • Commitment: We are committed to solving hunger induced problems and providing related services
    • Compassion: We are motivated by compassion to reach out to the poor
    • Community: We collaborate with others who share our goals of a poverty free nation
    • Connection: We build a community of people that connect with the needs of the most vulnerable in the society
    • Contribution: We do whatever it takes to add value and contribute to deliver more services to our beneficiaries through shared goals and mutual support
    About lagos Food bank

    Our Vision & Mission

    To be the Nation’s leading Domestic Hunger relief organization that provides access to sufficient and nutritious food for all.

    There are two parts to our Mission:

    • To act as a front-line agency assisting those struggling with malnutrition and hunger across the country.
    • To act as a food warehouse with branches in all the 20 Local governments in Lagos and to work with other agencies that assist people in need

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    Intervention for vulnerable families in Olowolagba community, Yaba.

    Join the LFBI team this Saturday to bring hope to vulnerable families living in the slum areas of this community.

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