Lagos Food Bank Student Internship Scheme



    • Are you currently a student looking for an internship placement in the
      community development sector?
    • Do you have free time during holidays and want to be fully engaged on the field
      and behind the desk?
    • Are you moved by the hunger around you and desire to make a positive
    • Are you teachable, adaptable and a fast learner?
    • Are you willing to work weekly and commit to our workplace culture?

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Is the internship offer limited to a particular level?

No, it is not! Any undergraduate can choose to apply for our student internship provided you agree to our internship terms.

Can I do a one-month internship?

The minimum duration of an internship is six months. However, we consider students applying for one/two months internship as a requirement for their studies. This is usually backed up by an official letter from their respective schools clearly stating this request to our organization.


Do I get a certificate upon completion?

Yes, you do! An internship certificate duly signed and stamped will be given upon successful completion of internship duration. Interns who do not complete the month allocated or indulge in unsatisfactory behavior will not be given certificates.


What are the office hours like?

Interns are expected to work between the hours of 9am to 5pm for 4 working days. However, due to the line of our work, you may be required to come in on Saturdays/Sundays for outreach activities.


Are there any holidays or leave during internships?

Student interns are not eligible for leave days except for general public holidays which applies to the entire workforce including interns.


Can I come back during subsequent holidays to intern?

This is dependent on the performance of the intern during their first internship placement. Only interns with proven good performance record can be open to be readmitted for a subsequent placement at the food bank


What will I actually do during the internship?

The intern will be engaged in every aspect of the Food Bank’s operations and is also expected to be proactive during the time of program.


What if my questions were not answered by this FAQ?

Kindly send a detailed email with further inquiries to and copy OR call the HR Office directly on 08186843804



  • An undergraduate with evidence of being under a renowned University.
  • Willingness to commit to showing up to work 4 days in the week
  • Proximity is a requirement
  • Passion/willingness to nurture a career in the NGO sector
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