Problem Statement

Amid pressing global issues like food insecurity and hunger, there are numerous Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) committed to mitigating the plight of vulnerable households by supplying food and other care resources. In the 2023 Global Hunger Index, Nigeria ranks 109th out of the 125 countries with sufficient data to calculate 2023 GHI scores. With a score of 28.3 in the 2023 Global Hunger Index, Nigeria has a level of hunger that is categorized as ‘serious’.

While these NGOs hold a pivotal position in combating food insecurity, several obstacles obstruct their capacity to effectively deliver sustenance to the needy. Notably, the decentralized structure of these organizations and various constraints such as:

i. Logistics problem to serve people in remote areas and other states across the country.
ii. Lack of access to sufficient resources for the NGOs to achieve their goals of reaching the vulnerable and food-insecure.
iii. Nonprofits working in silos / in isolation.

All these can hinder the efficient distribution of food to indigent households residing in low-income communities.

Food Bank Network Nigeria Program (FBNN) is an initiative of Lagos Food Bank that supplies food to a coalition of local food bank partners and credible non-profit organizations across Nigeria. The Food Bank Network program was designed to reach more communities and beneficiaries that are outside Lagos and far-to-reach communities within Lagos environs.
Since the launch of this program in 2020, we have provided food grants and relief packages to over 150 local food banks/pantries and credible non-profit organizations who have in turn reached 200,000 beneficiaries in Lagos state and other parts of Nigeria.

To reach more communities through the coalition of local food banks and pantries by providing them with food and financial grants to achieve the collective goals of zero hunger.

1. To create a network of NGOs with similar objectives towards solving the problem of poverty and hunger.
2. To partner with other NGOs to reach more vulnerable families with food items and other relief items in the society.
3. To reduce the hunger gap and increase the number of school children who have access to nutritious food through partnership with NGOs within their communities.
4. To widen our reach and coverage towards ending hunger and malnutrition to other states in Nigeria through partnership with organizations in those states.
5. To mentor partner organizations and provide support for them to achieve their organization’s objectives.


Monthly Food Distribution: Credible non-profit NGOs put in an application monthly or send in sponsorship requests to Lagos Food Bank. After a careful, thorough selection process, the successful NGOs are supplied with food and non-food items to be distributed in their immediate communities. We also reach out to our partner NGOs at intervals to get updates on their programs and find ways to partner with them on their ongoing projects.

As part of our monitoring and evaluation process, a representative from Lagos Food Bank pays a monthly visit to the partner NGO and is physically present at the distribution/outreaches organized by the partner NGO. This is to ensure transparency and accountability of donated items to partner NGOs. The goal is to ensure that the items provided are utilized effectively in bridging the hunger gap in our society.

1. NGO must have a clear nutrition focus-must provide food for an underprivileged or underserved population.
2. Must be a registered non-profit organization.
3. Must have the ability and willingness to access and submit information via the internet.
4. Must have responsible personnel who are accountable for record keeping and inventory control.
5. Must have proper and adequate physical storage space and refrigeration to ensure the wholesomeness of the food until used/or redistributed.
6. NGO must be registered.
7. NGO must have a history of consistent programs.

  • Step 1: Before considering partnering directly with the Food Bank, please click here to read our Beneficiary Organization Application Manual and Eligibility Criteria Questionnaire which is a self-assessment designed to help your organization determine your readiness for partnership..
  • Step 2: Please click here to fill the Beneficiary Organization application form.

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