Lagos Food Bank works to provide the most nutritious and enjoyable foods possible to the communities we serve. Thanks to the generous support of our community, we’re able to work across the food system to obtain and provide access to food to people in need.

Some of the medium through which we get our donations are;

  1. Food Manufacturers:
    Donations in form of food items which are either factory damaged or close to its “best before”, “expiration” date is either received at the food bank or picked up at the company warehouse location.
    The donations from these companies consist of food items (cereals, dairy, protein, legumes, canned foods) and non-food items (toiletries, PPE).
  2. Retail Donation Programs:
    Some of our Donations come from local grocery stores and supermarkets. They come in food combo packs which contain different items which have been useful especially in our mobile pantry food distribution and monthly outreach programs. This is also a great way to curb food waste and help in distribution of food items materials to the indigent population.
  3. Individual and Corporate Donation:
    The food bank is always open to individuals or group of people who would want to drop off items. We welcome Partnerships with organizations such as financial institutions and corporate bodies who would want to donate food/non-food items or their cash equivalent.
  4. Farmers and Growers:
    Partnerships with local farmers and growers allows the Food Bank to provide our beneficiaries with fresh produce and proteins including fruits, vegetables, meats, and eggs. This could be produce left over from a harvest or sale which would otherwise go to waste on the farms. The foodbank would help in distributing the items to people in need who would use them judiciously. Each partnership is unique, and the Food Bank works to make the donation process as easy as possible for our agriculture partners.In some cases, the Food Bank receives the excess of harvest – perhaps a farmer has grown more than they can sell – and we can ensure it reaches people in need.
    Note that: Pickup options are available for donations that are more than 1000kg. To donate to any of our programs or sponsor a particular outreach, click here.

For further information on how you can donate to the food bank, please call: 02012918754