Thank you for your desire to join us in our efforts to fight hunger, poverty and malnutrition. Thank you for your time, energy, passion and resources. Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.
YOU help make a difference and touch so many lives in your very own Lagos when volunteering at the Lagos Food Bank.


Your time is valuable and we are thrilled you are considering volunteering with us!

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Lagos Food Bank is structured to provide service opportunities and operate through the work of volunteers. Our volunteers are fundamental to the success of our organization. They collect, sort, pack, and distribute food and donations, and remind us every day that our mission could not be achieved without them. Whether you can volunteer once a week, once a month or once a year; individually or with a group of friends, family or colleagues, whatever your commitment, every hour of assistance helps us ensure our hungry families will have access to food in their time of need and our ultimate goal is to provide the best possible volunteer experience and prepare our volunteers to become outspoken hunger advocates in our community.
When you donate your time to the Lagos Food Bank, you become a partner in the fight against hunger in Lagos and other parts of the country.– Thanks to our volunteers, Lagos Food Bank serves more than half a million vulnerable families each year across 20 LGA. Last year, volunteers donated 140,000 hours of their time to help distribute food items and donations to families, seniors, mothers and kids facing hunger in our community. What you do matters!


Benefits of Volunteer Work

Whether working as an individual or in a group, volunteering brings tremendous impact that goes far beyond the mission of the organization; every person who chooses to volunteer experiences benefits, as well. Benefits include:

  • Making a difference: Providing a service to those in need brings a sense of accomplishment, pride, and happiness.
  • Learning new skills: Work done at volunteer organizations often differs greatly from work done in private businesses. By taking advantage of community service opportunities, one has the chance to learn more about other industries while gaining communication and teamwork skills.
  • Building community: Volunteering is an excellent way to build team spirit, foster relationships among group members, or make new friends.
  • Boosting your resume: People love to work with good people! Volunteer experience may boost your chances of landing a job or getting into your preferred college/University outside Nigeria.

If you are interested in volunteering, please take a minute to complete the volunteer interest form. It’s amazing what we can do when we work together.

Volunteering at the Lagos Food Bank Initiative is a great team-building experience and can be categorized into the following depending on how you want to render your time and services:



    At Lagos Food Bank, we give opportunities to volunteers to virtually extend a hand to those in need by volunteering as a:
    1. Social media content creator
    2. Social Media tagging, comments and engagement
    3. Graphics design
    4. Grants writing
    5. Food sourcing
    6. Fundraising
    7. Creating awareness within friends, groups and families
    8. Organizing a food drive within your estate, church or company
    Groups and individuals work together to sort and/or pack produce, nonperishable foods, clothings and household items, preparing them for distribution. Duties may include checking for opened packages and spoilage, labeling cans, cloth sorting, packing bags of food and household items.
    We reach out to slum communities to serve hungry children and families. These community outreaches are done biweekly (on Saturdays). As the event draws closer, you will be sent an invitation which will require you to confirm your attendance. We have a variety of volunteer tasks available from clothes sorting, water packaging, traffic control, packaging of cooked and raw foods which are mostly performed during our community outreach preparation days. We also have Walk-Ins outreaches, were beneficiaries come to the food bank.
  • COMMUNITY INSPECTION & BENEFICIARIES REGISTRATIONBefore any outreach, volunteers are required to visit the beneficiary community for inspection and registration of beneficiaries, giving them tags to identify them on the outreach day to ensure orderliness. Inspections are usually done a week to the outreach.
    We have five special programs, but presently require volunteers for only our EDUFOOD and Family Farming programs. In due time, volunteers will be needed for our other programs.
    EDUFOOD This program is targeted at food insecure students in low-cost private schools in Lagos, it seeks to improve the nutritional status and health of food insecure students. It is also geared towards increasing school attendance, reducing dropout rates and increasing the children’s ability to concentrate and comprehend in class. Activities that involve EDUFOOD program will require assistance of volunteers for school inspection, food packaging and preparation, distribution, monitoring and evaluation.
    Family Farming: This program is designed to create a food and agricultural system that is managed and operated by a family, and relies on family labor to increase the quality of life in dignity, equity and reducing the level of hunger and poverty. The Goal of the program is to protect and expand the economic capacity of women through family farming as well as to develop on the essential contribution of women to agriculture. Volunteers will be required for home inspection, agricultural produce and material packaging and distribution, monitoring and evaluation.
    Volunteers assist with the packaging and distribution of product to beneficiaries. Volunteers will also collect vouchers from clients and help with traffic control, verify beneficiaries have vouchers/tags before
    receiving product. Duties will also include cleaning up the area and left over and trash into truck.
  • Office administration: These activities include, fundraising, food sourcing, research, social media, graphic design, videography, photography, volunteer management and engagement, communication designs, nutritionist, to name a few. If you would like to take the career path in volunteering, you can also apply to volunteer full-time. Please click here to apply.
  • Lagos Food Bank Champions: You can also volunteer as an LFBI Champion. LFBI Champions are individuals who want to fight hunger, reduce food wastage, and solving the epidemic of malnutrition. The aim of a Champion is to help raise funds. These funds are used to run our outreaches and special programs. Please click here to sign up to be a Champion. You can visit our webpage and follow us on all social media platforms for updates on all our programs.
    Note: You have to be a registered volunteer in order to participate in any of our programs or events.

Required Volunteering Hours

  • Lagos Food Bank awards community service Certificate to volunteers who have successfully completed 50hrs of community service with the food bank.
  • If needed, Lagos Food Bank may provide a temporary document confirming volunteer hours of community service to volunteers who have completed over 60% of the mandatory 50hrs pending issuance of LFBI community service certificate. How to register to become a Volunteer:
    Fill out the volunteer registration online form to get started. Once filled and submitted, an on-boarding confirmation email will be sent to your registered email. Further information on the volunteering procedures and volunteer guidelines will be sent to your registered email as part of the on-boarding process.
    If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact via email or call any of these numbers 08028741322 or 07058617222.


Yes, we organize refreshment for volunteers who have confirmed attendance for any scheduled outreach.

Thanks for the suggestion, however our LFBI branded ID cards are given only to the staff & interns of Lagos Food Bank Initiative. Volunteers are only eligible for volunteers certificate and letters of attestation of volunteer hours.

Yes with a professional camera, that will be great. At the end of the event, please share the images taken with us via Google drive or Wetransfer and the likes to CC

Lagos Food Bank makes arrangements for a coaster bus from the food bank to the outreach venue but it will be on a first to come basis so we advise that going to the outreach venue would  be a better option considering the limited number of volunteers the bus can convey.

LFBI will not bar a volunteer on such basis, however, due to the increase in absentim of volunteers after confirmation of attendance, we have started blacklisting volunteers with high track record of default from getting invitation for subsequent outreaches. We believe it is only reasonable that a volunteer confirm attendance only for the outreach he/she can attend to enable us to plan accordingly.

Yes you have to wear a branded LFBI T Shirt to participate in volunteering activities and the shirt is sold at a subsidized rate of N2,500.

Registered volunteers over a period of time, are eligible for a certificate and reference letter from the Lagos Food Bank

To volunteer in with us you must be at least 12 years old. Youth 12 – 15 years old are required to volunteer with an adult, youth 16 years old and up can volunteer on their own.

We do not pay our volunteers except for the Intern volunteers who are paid monthly stipend to cover transportation only.

To become a volunteer, fill out the volunteer registration online form to get started. Once filled and submitted, an on-boarding confirmation email will be sent to your registered email. Further information on the volunteering procedures and volunteer guidelines will be sent to your registered email as part of the on-boarding process. The entire process takes an average of 72hours.

No! A volunteer is not allowed to be a beneficiary. However any volunteer willing to be a beneficiary will cease to be a volunteer to get food relief as a beneficiary.

Volunteers should wear close-toed shoes and clothes appropriate to work in a warehouse, kitchen or garden setting. No sandals/flip-flops, extremely short skirts/shorts or low-cut shirts. Individuals wearing opened toed shoes will not be allowed to participate in outreaches or community inspections.

Yes, each volunteer individual or group needs to sign in each time they volunteer at the Lagos Food Bank. Upon arrival please visit our volunteer lobby desk for instructions on how to sign-in.

We love the enthusiasm of all our volunteers, but we will appreciate you register to become a volunteer before dropping by, and if you are already registered, we would appreciate a call before coming.

There is no whatsapp group for Lagos food bank volunteers. Do follow us on instagram, twitter, facebook and linkedin : @lagosfoodbank for updates.

Attend outreaches for 3-6 months to accumulate 100hours of Service. However, one the fastest ways to accumulate volunteer hours is to volunteer for the weekday programs; EDUFOOD, FAMILY FARMING, and OUTREACH PREPARATIONS.

Please click on careers on the Menu bar of the website and apply for a position of interest for you.

Yes, you can. We welcome all types of donations both food and no-food items. Click here to see list.

We always advise that clothes and other donations are brought in before the outreach day. But If it will not be convenient, then they can be brought in on the morning of that outreach day but bear in mind they will not be distributed the same day. Your donations will be stored towards the next outreach.

No you won’t. All you need do is to confirm attendance via the invitation email that will be sent to you prior the outreach day.

Hi, thank you for your interest in Lagos Food Bank. We strongly advise you do an email to inform us so as not create space for other volunteers who might want to join but could not due to form closure. You can also volunteer on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before the outreach at Lagos Food Bank, to help with the preparation towards the
event day.

Certificates are usually prepared on formal request made to the food bank requesting same. To qualify for a community certificate; you must have rendered 100 hours of community service which translates to 3-6 months of active volunteering at Lagos food bank. However, one the fastest ways to accumulate volunteer hours is to volunteer for the weekday programs; EDUFOOD, FAMILY FARMING, and OUTREACH PREPARATIONS.

Yes, you can. Shirts are sold at the rate of N2, 500 –N3,000 in different sizes. Payment of shirt should be made to our GT Bank account 0461834490. Please remember to come with a proof of payment.

No it does not. Donation is not compulsory at Lagos Food Bank. However, you will have to buy a shirt to participate.

We welcome new Donors; kindly send a mail to or

Not necessarily. We advise you to send an email to if you are unable to make it.

Yes, this is part of our major goal for 2021.

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