At Lagos Food Bank we have a team of young vibrant career professionals who are impact driven with extensive experience in nutrition, agriculture, public health, digital and media, counselling, consultancy, and health work. Our team puts the beneficiaries first, with a relentless focus on delivering innovative, bold solutions and making the biggest impact possible. We have a strong culture that values action, teamwork, efficiency, and drives our continued search to find what works to reduce hunger and malnutrition.

To keep in touch with our day-to-day work activities, you may visit our staff Instagram page @LagosFoodBankTeam

Michael A . Sunbola

President/Executive Director

Michael Sunbola is the Executive Director of Lagos Food Bank Initiative. He is humanitarian and a sustainable food-system activist. Michael currently serves as a member of the Board of Trustees and directly responsible for ensuring effective Food Bank operations; developing organizational and personnel policies, and establishing responsibilities and procedures for attaining objectives and goals of the Food Bank. He also acts as the Food Bank’s primary representative with corporate organizations as well as business and community leaders to support and enhance the role and image of the food bank. He motivates and lead staff, donors and volunteers to further the work of the food bank and meet the shared objectives.

Under his leadership, the Lagos Food Bank has reached over 1.6 million people by working with over 12,000 volunteers to serve low income communities and Primary healthcare centers in over 136 communities where they identify malnourished children and pregnant women for food relief and nutrition intervention.

As part of his initiative to support food insecure families, he and the team piloted a family farming program to improve women’s contribution to household agriculture and gender equality. This program has been scaled to reach over 500 vulnerable women in Lagos and has been featured on Aljazeera, Reuters, BBC, CGTN Africa

Through Michael’s leadership, the organization has maintained steady growth for over 5years and has built a sustainable reputation and structure that can take it through the next decade and better serve the vulnerable, helping them move one step closer to a hunger-free Lagos.

Through his quest to transform the local Food systems LFBI has also strengthened and expanded all its programs to provide hunger relief to more children, women, and patients with diet-related diseases by partnering with key agencies, ministries, and over 120 corporate brands which include; Global Food Banking Network (GFN), Ministry of Agriculture, National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, Beiersdorf, United Way, and many others.

Grace Anamelechi

Business Development Executive/Programs Support Officer

Grace serves in the capacity of a business development officer for Lagos Food Bank Initiative. Being enthusiastic about providing adequate nutrition at the basic level, Grace also oversees inventory and food sourcing activities such as procuring, sourcing and management of food and non-food items at Lagos Food Bank Initiative.

Grace holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Abia State, Nigeria and is a member of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN).

Sophia I. Nehikhare-Iyare

Human Resources Officer


With  a  BSc degree in Economics from the prestigious Covenant University, Sophie (as she is fondly called) presently functions under the Human Resources Department as an HR officer. In her career journey, she has had various experiences in different facets such as; Marketing, Sales, Administration, Customer Service, and as an Executive Assistant. 

In her role, she diligently works with the management to ensure that everyone not only enjoys a good working environment but also sees that they are functioning optimally in their respective roles as they all work towards the common goal.

She is driven by a personal mantra that says “we would never find happiness if everyone is in search of their own, but if we care about other people’s happiness, we would find ours too”.

This is what fuels her passion for the less privileged human race and her reason for keying into the organization’s vision.

Oluwafunmilayo Oyegoke

Communications /Family Farming officer

Oyegoke Oluwafunmilayo is a Communication, Agriculture & Green Care enthusiast that works in the capacity of the Communications and Family Farming Officer for the Lagos Food Bank. She is a graduate with a Bachelor’s of Agriculture in Horticulture from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Funmi is passionate about women empowerment and social impact and enjoys community service. 

She and the Family Farming program team were recognized as one of Ban Ki Moon’s Center For Global citizens’ 30 under 30 individuals Elevating Women in Agriculture in 2022. She also enjoys solving sudoku puzzles during her free time. She seeks new ways to expand her knowledge, skill set and foresees a future where Agriculture is given the priority it duly deserves especially in Nigeria. 

Tochi Nwosu

Finance Officer

Tochi Nwosu is a Financial Advisor on investments and portfolio management. She currently works with the Lagos Food Bank Initiative as a Finance Officer. She is an ardent believer in a poverty-free world, and works towards improving the lives of people.
She is also a Chartered Accountant and a First-Class graduate from the University of Lagos.

Steven Alhassan Ilemona

Finance Officer


Steven is a result-oriented Finance Officer with over 4 years of experience in Finance, specializing in Strategic Financial Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Financial Reporting, Compliance, and Risk Management. He also has progressive experience in various industries such as Transportation and Logistics, Finance and Investment, Manufacturing, Education, and NGO.

He has a strong track record of driving business growth, optimizing financial performance, ensuring regulatory compliance, tax consultation, and treasury management. As a seasoned Accountant, Finance officer, Internal Controller, and Internal Auditor, Steven excels in developing and implementing financial controls, maximizing profitability and sustainability, and enhancing operational efficiency.

As a passionate professional with the mantra of sustainability, integrity, and frugality, He believes that an egalitarian society is attainable where no one goes to bed hungry.

Oluwasegun Lamidi

Social/MultiMedia Officer


Lamidi Oluwasegun, a Statistics graduate from the University of Ilorin, possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics. He is a skilled and committed photographer and videographer, excelling in both professional and freelance photography. Renowned for capturing exceptional digital photographs, Segun demonstrates expertise in framing, lighting setup, and advanced camera settings.

His emphasis on effective communication ensures an error-free work. With a vast professional background, Segun seamlessly integrates his freelance photography principles with unwavering loyalty, efficiently managing media and social media services for the Lagos Food Bank Initiative. His passion for volunteering and humanity is truly inspiring.

Oluwaseun Akinduro

Graphics Designer/Website Officer

Akinduro Oluwaseun is an experienced and passionate creative designer, and IT/Media director as he uses his skills to assist entrepreneurs, brands, and organizations to grow a formidable online presence. He has a Higher National Diploma focused in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from Ogun State Institute of Technology.

Through his agency and with background knowledge in front-end development, brand design and cinematography, Seun oversees the graphics and web management for the Lagos Food Bank. He is passionate about discovering, developing, and empowering young people to become the best in their paths.

Justina George

Grant Writer and Family Farming Officer


Justina is a graduate of the University of Ibadan, with a bachelor of Agriculture in Agronomy currently serving as a Grant Writer and Family Farming Program Officer.

She heads the Fundraising team and has a track record of bringing foreign funds and multiple  recognitions to the organization by virtue of her expertise, passion, and commitment to fostering a resilient and sustainable future.

Justina is a certified Agronomist, Environmentalist, SDGs advocate and with a passion for food security through sustainable agricultural practices. Her commitment to community development has led her to train secondary school students in low-cost schools (in Osun state) on agricultural practices and sustainable development goals. She also coaches vulnerable women on Urban farming and best agricultural practices that help them live a less dependable life on the society.

Oluwadamilola Nkwa

Volunteer Management/Family Farming Officer


Oluwadamilola possesses exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, allowing her to effectively engage with people from different backgrounds and inspire them to contribute their time and skills for the greater good.

As the current Volunteer Management officer for the Lagos food bank Initiative, Dami is dedicated to creating inclusive and enriching volunteer experiences that not only benefit LFBI but also empower volunteers to make a tangible difference in the world.

With a Master degree in Environmental Biology from University of Ibadan, Damilola gained valuable insights into the dynamics of community development and the vital role volunteers play in addressing social issues.

She is an advocate of sustainable agriculture with experience in community development, food sustainability and environmental health. As such, she is also responsible for implementing and monitoring the activities of the family farming program.

Adebanke Oniyide

Partner Agency/Donor Relations officer


Adebanke Oniyide is a Public Health, Social Service and Entrepreneurship Enthusiast. She works with hundreds of NGOs across the country in her capacity as the Partner Agency Relations Officer at the Lagos Food Bank Initiative; where she interfaces with nonprofits to provide food  for the food-insecure households in far-to-reach, low-income communities. 

She also holds the role of the Donor Relations Officer for the organization and has worked with several top corporate brands and prestigious individuals to create impact in the vulnerable populations through nutrition programs, working alongside the Fundraising Unit to improve donor engagement and retention. 

As a graduate of Public Health and one passionate about community development, personal growth and self-sustainability, Adebanke has worked alongside her resilient team to win multiple recognitions both locally and globally for the organization.

Lucy Ikejiobi

Front Desk/ Admin Officer


Lucy is a graduate of English Language and Literature and works in the capacity of an admin officer for the Lagos Food Bank Initiative. She has the zeal to excel in whatever she does and uses this strength in managing the Logistics department of the organization as well as the warehouse. If “I CAN’ were a person, it would be Lucy. 

She understands the importance of giving and ensures she avails herself to serve humanity. Working in the Lagos Food Bank Initiative is an avenue for her to make an impact in society by sacrificing time, effort, and energy and ensuring that the underserved individuals in society wear a smile on their faces. Her inspiration is drawn from James Allen’s wise words, ‘ He who would achieve much, must sacrifice much; he who would attain highly must sacrifice greatly’.

Omozele S. Okojie

Business Development/Procurement Officer


Omoh S. Okojie, is a skilled Business Developer and accomplished Product Manager known for her remarkable achievements in driving business growth. Her strengths lie in leading diverse teams, conducting market research, building valuable networks, and excelling in sales and marketing strategies. With a deep passion for innovation and data-driven decision-making, Omoh’s qualifications include an M.Sc. in Mycology and Plant Pathology, a B.Sc. in Plant Biology and Biotechnology, and a Product Management Certification, all of which enrich her expertise.

Blessing Tuoyo Erewa

Inventory Officer


Blessing holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Anchor University Lagos where she gained knowledge in Data Analysis, Problem Solving and Critical Analytical thinking. Being in charge of the inventory, she oversees all items that go in and out of the warehouse, ensuring that accurate records are kept using the outlined inventory procedures. She inspects to ascertain that items that are received are all in good condition for storage and in turn, these items are timely utilized to achieve a world with less hungry vulnerable persons. 

When she is not working, she enjoys reading a book or learning a new skill. Blessing is passionate about making a positive impact in society and thrilled to be part of an organization that shares this vision.

Adenike Salimot Odeyemi

Beneficiary Management/Job Placement Officer


Adenike, a graduate of Microbiology from Kogi State University Anyigba (now Prince Audu Abubakar University) manages one of the stakeholders of the organization  – The Beneficiaries.

Being the first point of contact with these beneficiaries, she interfaces with them and ensures we expand our reach to as many communities as we can on a daily basis. Through her role, she ensures that the vulnerable are provided with amenities such as food, clothing and job offers (a more sustainable means of livelihood) thereby curbing hunger and unemployment all in one.

Her passion for helping the Girl child was what attracted her to this organization and allows her to align with its vision.

Mopelola Oladapo

Nutrition Officer


Mopelola is a Nutrition and Dietetics graduate from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, with a passion for making a positive impact in the field. Currently, she is actively involved in implementing nutrition programs at the Lagos Food Bank Initiative.

She is passionate about maternal and child nutrition. She seamlessly blends her academic knowledge in nutrition with a compassionate spirit acknowledging the critical role nutrition plays in the overall health and development of individuals, particularly among children.

Her proactive nature ensures that she stays ahead of the curve, continuously seeking innovative ways to improve the quality of nutrition programs and also to make a difference in ensuring positive transformations in the lives of individuals and communities she serves.

Desmond Onyechere

Communications Officer


Desmond is a Bachelor’s degree holder in Economics from Bowen University. 

His role puts him at the center of all information passing to and fro the organization to our stakeholders and the general public. He works alongside his creative team to ensure that while closing the hunger gap, more people get to know our impact journey.

He is a cheerful humanitarian at heart who believes in cooperation over competition, and gets along well with everybody. He is a lover of animals and nature, and enjoys his own company in his free time.

He also believes in cooperation over competition for a healthy thriving society, and  leads by example. He is a lover of animals and nature, and enjoys his own company in his free time.

Chukwunomnazu Abeh

Beneficiary Management/Job Placement Officer


She is an altruistic and compassionate individual whose love for humanity stirred her towards her career choice. She studied Microbiology at Delta State University and acquired additional certificates in General HSE course and HSE Competence Development course level 3.

Her role avails her the avenue of being the middleman between the Food Bank and the vulnerable (our beneficiaries); hearing their voices first hand to ascertain that we reach the most vulnerable in the society while we continuously spread our reach.

Adebisi Adedeji

Agricultural Recovery/Family Farming Officer


Adebisi is a graduate of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta with a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture with a wide knowledge in practical Crop Farming (organic and inorganic) and Commercial Goat Farming.

At the Food Bank, we not only rely on temporary assistance to the vulnerable but also empower them via other sustainable programs; one of these is the Agricultural programs which Adebisi drives alongside other members of the team.

Making sure that food waste is curbed right from the farm lands and its being freshly distributed to vulnerable families who are in dire need of it. He also sensitizes them on urban farm methods and monitors that they are putting this knowledge to good use while making profit to sustain their households on a daily basis.

Adebisi enjoys a challenging game of scrabble and football at his leisure.

Damilola O. Agbaosi

Fundraising officer


Damilola O. Agbaosi is a graduate of International Relations with her experience spanning across Customer Relationship Management, Administrative officer and Program assistant. She has a proven track record of utilizing efficient problem-solving and Relationship Management skills to achieve success in Organizations.

As a Fundraising officer at Lagos Food Bank Initiative, she enables business development/fundraising effort of the organization to source for funds through foreign grants and corporate partnerships. She currently works with the fundraising team to develop a comprehensive grant narrative encyclopedia for efficient grant sourcing support/management, digital efficiency and technological innovation.

She has attended series of capacity development seminars on management, policy and advocacy.

She is passionate about serving others and making the world a better place. Her career goal is to drive business growth and maximize her full potential wherever she is found.

Chinonyerem Sarah Ikemefuna

Policy and Advocacy/Volunteer Management Officer


Driven by a passion for social justice and a sharp analytical mind honed in international relations, Sarah is a motivated graduate from Babcock University making a difference at the Lagos Food Bank. Equipped with the knowledge of global interconnectedness and a commitment to local impact, she is eager to bridge the gap between food insecurity and sustainable solutions.

Her international relations background has equipped her with problem-solving, research, cross-cultural communication skills. At the Lagos Food Bank, she aims to support distribution efforts, research food policies, and advocate for vulnerable communities.

But beyond expertise, what drives her is witnessing the impact of food insecurity, her belief in community building, and a desire to empower others. She sees the opportunity here as a chance to translate theory into action, making a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable populations.

She believes that food is more than just sustenance; it’s a connector, a bridge, and a symbol of hope. And she is dedicated to building a future where there is availability of food and everyone has access to a nourishing plate.

Emmanuel Oluwasegun Aremu

Office Assistant

They say, “a single leaf working alone provides no shade”, and that is the main essence of the role Emmanuel plays at the Food Bank. Daily, he works hand in hand with every staff member to ensure the seamless implementation of their tasks. 

Growing up to see the amount of suffering they had to endure in his family, he was motivated to help people in similar situations. In his little way, he chooses to serve humanity and make others smile via his service at the Lagos Food Bank.

Hammed Dhulkifli Abiodun

Office Assistant


Abiodun is an aspiring young individual who joined the Food Bank with the belief that a world that can be free of hunger truly exists. He also ensures daily that we are one step closer to achieving the organization’s goal by working together with every staff.

Mr Lateef Akanji

Logistics and Fleet Officer

Lateef has over 30 years of experience, as a haulage and fleet manager; he has worked in both the private and public sector in fleet management and logistics. He is responsible for maintaining the Lagos Food Bank fleet of vehicles, and well-grounded in transport management.

Mr Victor Macaulay

Logistics and Fleet Officer

Victor is a dedicated fleet officer, making sure the vehicles are always ready to roll. His role includes meticulously scheduling maintenance, swiftly managing repairs, and ensuring our fuel efficiency is on point. With Victor at the wheel, we keep our operations running smoothly, ensuring that no one in need is left behind.