“I have learnt a lot about backyard farming in the two days of the training. I will be able to start my farm  as it will be another source of income for my family.” said Mrs Owolabi after the training sessions at the food bank warehouse.

This and many more testimonials were the joys from beneficiaries of the two days training held at the Lagos Food Bank Initiative on Tuesday 19th March, 2024 and Wednesday 20th March, 2024  through the Family Farming program. The training was in partnership with UPS foundation as one of their goals is to create economic opportunities for women in underserved communities.

The newly enrolled beneficiaries were taught extensively on starting a Vegetable farm, raising poultry, snail farming with a session agripreneurship. These sessions were equipped with a practical aspect for beneficiaries to have hands-on experience and knowledge on the theory sessions that were taught. 

“Equipping our beneficiaries with both theoretical and practical knowledge on urban farming is very important to us at the Lagos Food Bank. As part of our self sustenance programs, we believe in the saying; ‘Don’t just give people  fish but teach them how to fish’ and it greatly motivates us as we ensure each beneficiary can sustain themselves with a source of income that is sustainable” stated Dr. Michael Sunbola, Founder//Executive Director of the Lagos Food Bank in his address to the beneficiaries and volunteers present at the training.

The Family Farming program of Lagos Food Bank focuses on urban farming, where it trains and provides beneficiaries with the necessary tools and materials needed to farm sustainably within the comfort of their homes.