Problem Statement:

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in 2022 released a multidimensional poverty report stating that about 133 million people in Nigeria are multidimensionally poor, which means 63% of the population cannot afford basic necessities which includes: Food, Shelter and Clothing adequately.

Over the years, clothing insecurity which is the lack of access to affordable, adequate, appropriate clothing has significantly increased along with the high prices of clothes with families thrown into clothing poverty. Although there is no national data on clothing poverty in Nigeria, across the world there are about 60 billion kilograms of textiles and footwear being lost in landfills, or burnt which in turn causes both land and air pollution.


In the six years since inception, the Lagos Food Bank has implemented a clothing distribution (now Cloth Bank Nigeria) in every of its community outreach intervention in the bid to curb clothing poverty among vulnerable communities. This initiative has reached and impacted the lives of beneficiaries through the continuous donations of clothing items and other relief items by individuals, cloth stores/boutiques, corporate organizations through cloth drives etc.

These donations are not limited to only clothing, but also footwear such as office shoes, trainers, sandals, headgears such as caps and hats, native attires, denim, professional clothing, such as suits which help people looking for work or returning to work after a hiatus.


  • The goal of Cloth Bank Nigeria is to bring hope to its beneficiaries through the distribution of a vast variety of donated clothing items, this in turn will reduce the prevalence of cloth insecure families within these communities.
  • With access to support from the foodbank through food and clothe relief to its beneficiaries, they are able to focus their limited resource on other necessities such as rent, school fees etc.

How To Donate:

For further information on how you can help combat clothing poverty through donation of gently used clothing, please call: (07058617222 or 08028741322) for cloth donors on the Island and (07031295645) for cloth donors on the Mainland.