Food banks have specific items that they are in need of on a regular basis. These items can be perishable or non-perishable product as well as non-food items. Our most wanted list of food items are as follows:

1Food Seasoning – Salt, Curry, Thyme, Knorr ChickenMosquito NetsGently used clothes
2Cartons of Chicken/MeatEye GlassesRubber Sandals
3Cartons of FishAnti-Malaria drugsBathroom Slippers
4Bags of GarriMultivitaminsSchool Bags
5Bags of RicePain killersSchool Notebook
6Bags of BeansMultivitamin syrup ArchyToilet Rolls
7Cartons of NoodlesCough LonzengesSanitary Pads
8Spaghetti, Macaroni

Amoxicillin Clavelwale


9Cartons of Milk/Beverage

Archy Folic Acid


10Cartons of Milo/BeverageVitamin C Syrup
11Cartons of Cereals – Cornflakes, Golden MornGentamicin ear & eye drop
12Cartons of CerelacCiprofloxacin
13Cartons of Baby FormulaACT Adult & Children
14Gallons of Groundnut OilCough syrup
15Cartons of Tomato PasteParacetamol syrup M&B
16Cartons of Table WaterMist mag trisilicate
17Cartons of Soft Drink
20Cartons of tea e.g lipton, toptea
21Crates of eggs


For further information on how you can donate to the food bank, please call: 02012918754