Our Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program(TEFAP) is a program targeted at providing immediate food, nutrition and relief assistance to families in low cost communities in Lagos and its environs at no cost. These materials provided can sustain each family of 5 for about 2-4 weeks. Having reached over 120 communities in the 20 LGAs of Lagos, we have become conversant with the needs of the people in the grassroots. We provide shelf-stable items and relief materials to different communities biweekly. In addition to this, beneficiaries are given the opportunity to pick up items from the food bank warehouse at least once a month.
Through this program, we have been able to put hidden poverty in plain sight by opening the eyes of people to the need, vulnerability and poverty of others in our midst.

To alleviate hunger by addressing the immediate need of extremely indigent families in Lagos and its environs.

1. Community Outreach Distribution: Through this distribution, we reach hundreds of people in a community at a time, offering both nutritional and medical services to people.
2. Walk-In Distribution: Food and relief items are stored at the Food Bank Warehouse and made available for vulnerable people who walk into the food bank daily to collect food and relief items. Through this means, we are able to reach a lot of widows and orphans.

A week to the community outreach intervention, an inspection is conducted and the most vulnerable families in these communities are given food vouchers in which they exchange for food on the outreach day.

1. When the problem of immediate hunger has been tackled, families are able to channel their available resource to other important needs like school fees, utility bills and so on.
2. The food items given to these families are nutritious and this helps build their body system against chronic diseases.

The cost to feed a family of 5 (Box of Hope) is N6000, therefore,

·         Packaged box of hope for 100 families’ costs N600,000

·         Packaged box of hope for 200 families costs N1,500,000.

·         Packaged box of hope for 500 families costs N3,000,000

·       Packaged box of hope for 1000 families costs 6 million Naira

Kindly find the content of the family size boxes below:

Food Items: Rice 2.5kg, Beans 2kg, Garri 2.5kg, Groundnut oil 1litre, Sardine, Seasoning (Curry, Maggi, and Knorr Chicken), Eggs, 70 pieces of sachet milk, Chocolate spread, Spaghetti, Macaroni, Somovita, Wheatmeal, Supplements, Cereal etc.
Non-food Items: Bathing soaps, 6 pieces of Sunlight detergent, 3 bottles of sunlight dishwashing liquid, Pears baby powder, Shampoo and Conditioner, Nose masks, Sanitizers, Body care products etc.

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