On Friday 29th March, 2024 Lagos Food Bank Initiative will be reaching out to the aged and widows with staple food items and other relief materials in commemoration of the Easter season through the Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).

Lagos Food Bank focuses on making healthy and nutritious meals available for all and to ensure that everyone has access to food. Lagos Food Bank has been delivering hope to the under-served communities for 7 years, and this outreach will further the attainment of SDG 2: zero hunger


The goal of this outreach is to create a hunger-free society and to ensure access to healthy and nutritious meals to the aged and widows within the Easter period.


  • To provide vulnerable individuals with food relief during the Easter festivities
  • To reduce the burden of hunger created by the economic downturn
  • To ensure there is equal access to food for people living in under-served communities.


DATE: Friday 29th March, 2024

BENEFICIARIES: The Aged and Widows.

VENUE: Lagos Food Bank Warehouse

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