At Lagos Food Bank Initiative, two of our cultures are that we are future minded and goal driven.

We believe that setting goals helps align our focus and vision which is to be the nation’s leading hunger-relief organization that provides access to sufficient and nutritious food for all.

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Highlights of the Goals:

Goal 1: Raise N696 million ($500,000) in annual revenue which will enable us to maintain and expand our humanitarian services across board.

Goal 2:Increase food sourcing and supply by 45% and strengthen LFBI’s food rescue program to help curb food wastage.

Goal 3: Increase volunteer capacity by 3,000 to serve LFBI’s food relief intervention programs and strengthen the virtual volunteering program.

Goal 4: Onboard 100 new beneficiary NGOs to increase LFBI’s impact and expand its footprint across Nigeria.

Goal 5: Implement new technology-based solutions that improve operational efficiencies and volunteer management.

Goal 6: Conclude ongoing hunger research and continuously work to educate all stakeholders policymakers, supporters, partners, and food-insecure individuals

Goal 7: Strengthen the Agricultural recovery program to curb postharvest loss and waste through strategic agro-partnerships.

Goal 8: Strengthen all programs by improving and expanding upon infrastructure, personnel and warehouse facilities thereby improving quality of service to beneficiaries.

Goal 9: Strengthen resilience programs that improve the economic status of beneficiaries to reach at least 400 (four hundred) families consisting mainly of widows, aged and the most vulnerable in society.

Goal 10: Strengthen nutrition focused programs: NUMEPLAN, NIDS and EDUFOOD.

Goal 11: Improve publicity and advocacy of the food bank to promote community development across the different media channels both nationally and internationally.

Goal 12: Expand infrastructure to warehouse more food items, volunteers and staff members.

Click here to view the full details of our 2024 LFBI Goals & Strategy