On Friday June 23rd, 2023, the Lagos Food Bank Initiative, will reach children in low-cost primary schools through our school feeding (EDUFOOD) and vulnerable women through the Temporary Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) in partnership with Paramount Africa as they celebrate “Community Day” campaign which is earmarked towards making a positive impact within their immediate communities.

Lagos Food Bank is dedicated to providing healthy and nutritious meals to individuals of all backgrounds ensuring that everyone has access to food. This outreach will advance the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 2: zero hunger

About Our Partner:

Paramount Africa is a television and multimedia broadcast organization based in South Africa and Nigeria, reaching audiences of over 100 million viewers across 52 territories of the African continent. Kindly click here to read more about the organization. 


To make a positive impact on the lives of food-insecure families, addressing immediate needs while also promoting long-term well-being.


  1. To provide school children with food-insecure school children with nutritious meal and a brighter future
  2. To provide food and relief items to vulnerable people to foster their well-being.
  3. To create a supportive environment that uplifts and empowers vulnerable families.

DATE: Friday 23rd June, 2023.

BENEFICIARIES: Food-insecure school children and vulnerable women with low cost communities.


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