Outreach to reach women and children in Adealu Dopemu community.
Time: 8:00 am at the Lagos Food Bank and 11:00 am at the outreach venue depending on which of the locations you wish to go to first. If you wish to come to the food bank first, please come in at 8:00 am to help load boxes whilst doing other few works till 9:00 am. We will leave the food bank at 10:00 am. If you wish to go straight to the outreach venue (Adealu-Dopemu community), please arrive at exactly 11:00 am.
TARGET BENEFICIARIES: Women and children in Adealu-Dopemu community.

11:00 am: Outreach Starts
9:00 am: Truck loading starts at the food bank
10:30 am: Arrival of volunteers and truck coming from the food bank to the outreach venue

Dress Code:
Wear closed-toe shoes such as sneakers, converse, or boots. WE DO NOT PERMIT Slippers, sandals, flat shoes, skirts, gowns, or similar outfits. Volunteers who come inappropriately dressed will be turned back.

Please note that this invitation does NOT guarantee the automatic right to participate in the 24th April outreach. You will still need to confirm attendance by clicking the green button below and filling the form. Only confirmed volunteers can participate. Endeavour to come along with your nose mask, volunteers without nose masks will be turned back. This form closes in the next 24 hours or less.

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