In commemoration of the International Breastfeeding week with the theme: Protect
Breastfeeding: A shared Responsibility, the nutrition team of Lagos Food Bank organized a 2-day
event which include a Focus Group Discussion with the beneficiaries of their NUMEPLAN
program and a Walk/Awareness.

The focus group discussion which took place on the 2nd of August 2021 with the NUMEPLAN
nursing and pregnant mothers was to discuss Breastfeeding and Child Surviving strategies with
these mothers and also to educate them on breastfeeding, complementary feeding, responsive
feeding practices and techniques, feeding in illness, food fortification, growth monitoring and
other practices for child survival.

On the 4 th of August 2021, the volunteers and staff of Lagos Food Bank set out to create an
awareness and enlighten members of the Ikeja community on the importance of Exclusive
breastfeeding to the health of babies. The walk also aimed to promote child health and survival,
challenge the status quo and support nursing mothers.
It is recorded that only 23.7% of infant in Nigeria are exclusively breastfed which has
contributed to the ever rising 1.4million deaths of infant. Over 820, 000 children's lives could be
saved every year among children under 5 years if all children 0–23 months were optimally