Volunteers are undoubtedly the backbone of any non-governmental organization’s implementation activities and impact journey, as they donate their time and skills in actualization of the organization’s goals and mission. The International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development is a celebratory day where volunteers are appreciated for their commitment, dedication and resilient contributions towards transforming society through the theme “Solidarity Through Volunteering”.

With a manpower of over 24,000 volunteers, the Lagos Food Bank  has greatly impacted the lives of its beneficiaries through its sustenance, nutrition and recovery programs in the fight against hunger, malnutrition and poverty in Lagos and its environs through the collective efforts of its volunteers. The team spirit and benevolent nature shown has helped the food bank to achieve great feats.

So far, the organization has been able to reach and impact over 2 million beneficiaries across all local government areas in Lagos, and all of these would not have been possible without the timely efforts of volunteers who participate in various activities. 

From their physical donation of their time, amd energy to the nutrition programs (EDUFOOD, NIDS, and NUMEPLAN), sustenance programs (Family Farming, Job Placement and Cloth Banking Nigeria) and recovery programs (food and agricultural recovery) to virtually volunteering of their skills (writers, graphic designers, research, policy advocates etc), volunteers of the food bank have demonstrated pure passion and exceptional performances worthy of emulation during the course of volunteering throughout the year 2023. 

Lagos Food Bank’s volunteers continue to participate in creating a positive impact as the organization builds a  community that nourishes hope and continues to work towards a future where the fight against food insecurity, malnutrition and poverty is won.