On the 28th of May, 2022 the Lagos food Bank Initiative in partnership with Trojan Estates Limited held another of its TEFAP outreach for vulnerable people in the city of Lagos. This time, reaching out to the vulnerable inhabitants of Surulere community.
During transit to the outreach venue, the team encountered a bit of difficulty with the van which had the boxes of hope. The LFBI food van containing the packaged items developed a fault midway into the Surulere community. The food bank team however immediately swung into action and mobilized for the food bank truck to meet up with the team in Ikeja where the Van had broken down. The boxes were immediately transferred to the truck and the journey to Surulere community was back on track. Upon arrival at the outreach venue at 12:15pm, the volunteers were briefly addressed before breaking into their various designated groups. The registered beneficiaries who had been expecting the team were arranged in groups and were given their individually packed staple food and relief items.
The boxes of Hope are an important element of every TEFAP program, packaged with love and intention by the teams of volunteers from the food bank, it makes sure every family revives a measure of hope in society and humanity. As always, the beneficiaries showed their gratitude as they prayed for the initiative and had smiles on their faces as they danced home with their boxes on their heads. Volunteers also had their fair share of fun as they danced and entertained themselves after the outreach came to a close.