We are delighted to discharge Mariam and Zarah who were enrolled as malnourished babies without strength to crawl under our Nutritious Meal Plan Intervention for Vulnerable Mother and Children (NUMEPLAN) program.
Within the 11 months of their enrollment, Mariam showed physical changes in weight from 5kg to 8.5kg, length from 57cm to 66cm and mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) from 11cm to 14cm and Zara showed changes in weight from 5.5kg to 8.1kg, length from 62cm to 70cm and mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) from 11.5cm to 12cm and the babies were able to crawl and even walk around unassisted.
Their mothers/guardians were counselled on infant and young feeding practices, food fortification and feeding during illnesses. They were provided with nutritious food items and supplements at every two weeks visitation. We are so glad that their mothers complied with the instructions given by our in-house dietitian, which has yielded visible positive results and changes in the babies.