On Sunday 6th November 2022, the Lagos Food Bank Initiative continued with the ongoing One Billion Meals Campaign in partnership with the Food Banking Regional Network and Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiative. The campaign was carried out in Majidun community situated in Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria. Ikorodu is located to the north-east of Lagos and shares a boundary with Ogun state. It is said to be growing in population owing to the increasing influx of people from surrounding towns and villages, and home to large industrial areas containing several factories.

The day started bright and sunny as volunteers were present in large numbers at the Food Bank warehouse to load the packed food boxes in the truck. The team arrived at the outreach venue around 09:50 am and the outreach activities kicked off immediately, which included offloading and arranging the food boxes at the designated space, coordinating the registered beneficiaries of the community, health talk and distribution of other relief materials (sanitary pads, gently used clothes, shoes and bags).

Mrs. Toyin Oguntayo and Mrs. Adeola Benjamin and some other of the beneficiaries were so happy and grateful to the organization for the food and relief materials which will sustain them for about 2-4 weeks. They prayed for ease of business, mercy and protection on the foodbank team and prayed for upliftment of the organization to enable them to reach out to many more people. The outreach was successful as the Food  Bank team were happy to have been able to positively impact the society.