The nutritional intervention was aimed at providing households and vulnerable individuals with food supply and other relief items that will last for 2-4 weeks depending on family size.
In preparation for the outreach, the LFBI Inspection Team visited Oshodi community for inspection and meeting with the community stakeholders, and to identify and register beneficiaries before the distribution.
After the community inspection, other plans regarding food box packing and logistics were concluded.
On Sunday, 27th November 2022 Volunteers converged at the Lagos Food Bank Operations office in Mangoro/Ikeja at 7:00am to assist with minor preparation activities and on-loading of food boxes to the truck.
At 9:00am, LFBI fleet of vehicles left the operations office to the outreach venue and were shortly joined by the Sony Music Group team, accompanied by a renowned music star, T-Classic.
Due to the limited space available, we attended to all the beneficiaries at once and a total of approximately 2 hours’ distribution time was used for the outreach.
The donated food items will reduce the impact of hunger and food insecurity among the vulnerable members of Oshodi community. Other relief items such as juice boxes, clothing, bags, foot wears and toys for children were also distributed during the outreach.
The joy on the faces of the beneficiaries was distinct as they expressed their gratitude to Lagos Food Bank Initiative and Sony Music Group for the food boxes and the hope it brings.
Overall, the Oshodi TEFAP outreach in partnership in partnership with Sony Music Group was a successful one.