According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 149 million children worldwide under the age of five are stunted (low height for their age), and 50 million are wasted (low weight for their height). Malnutrition significantly impacts a child’s health and development, leading to weakened immune systems, higher susceptibility to diseases, and impaired cognitive and physical growth. Malnutrition is often rooted in insufficient dietary intake, poor feeding practices, inadequate access to nutritious food, infections, and socioeconomic factors like poverty and lack of healthcare.

The NUMEPLAN program by Lagos Food Bank Initiative is dedicated to curbing the prevalence of malnutrition through comprehensive nutrition assessments and interventions, ensuring these children receive the vital nourishment necessary for survival and growth.

Yet again the food bank has recorded the success story of Mozeedah who has previously suffered from malnutrition and has made a remarkable transformation through the NUMEPLAN program. Through close monitoring, consistent feeding, and nutrition interventions, she has shown significant improvement in her health. Her progress is evident, with great changes in weight from 4.5kg to 8kg, height from 56cm to 69cm, and mid-upper arm circumference from 9.7cm to 13.5cm. Mozeedah now walks well and without support, reflective of a well-nourished child her age.

As part of our NUMEPLAN program, Mozeedah’s mother received adequate nutrition education, guidance on complementary feeding and hygienic practices. Also, nutritious food items were provided during each bi-weekly visit, ensuring continued support and sustenance for both mother and child.

To ensure her sustained growth and well being, she will continue attending monthly follow-up appointments as this is crucial in monitoring her development and preventing any potential relapses in her health status.

We are glad Mozeedah’s mother had adhered to the nutrition counselling she has been given and it has been instrumental in achieving this significant milestone in her daughter’s growth and well-being. We commend her commitment in Mozeedah’s journey to improved health and vitality.