Understanding the crucial role that good nutrition plays in cognitive development, Tuesday 17th January, 2024, Tonic Technologies (Cardtonic) partnered with the Lagos Food Bank Initiative to provide food and school materials to food-insecure school children in Lagos through the Education Enhancement for Food Insecure School Children (EDUFOOD) program.

The EDUFOOD program is a program not only designed to provide nutritious meals to food-insecure school children but also aims to improve their nutritional and health status. The program seeks to enhance their ability to concentrate and comprehend in class. In addition to serving cooked meals, writing materials were also distributed to encourage school children, enabling them to engage in their studies with the right school materials and thereby reducing the financial burden on their families.

By addressing both nutritional and educational needs, the EDUFOOD outreach contributed to the development of school children, fostering a positive and conducive learning atmosphere. The distribution also played a role in creating a positive and conducive environment for learning.

In her testimonial, the HR department of Tonic Technologies, Aisha, expressed her profound gratitude to the team and volunteers who contributed to the success of the EDUFOOD program. She also encouraged other organizations and corporate bodies to participate in the EDUFOOD program so as to nurture future generations.