On Saturday 20th May, 2023, Lagos Food Bank Initiative reached out to the vulnerable households in Olowolagba community, Iwaya, Yaba. Olowolagba is a water-logged low-income community located on the Lagos Mainland.

The outreach was in partnership with Mrs Funmi Osineye, it was her way of giving back to the community in celebration of her birthday anniversary.

Prior to the intervention day, the LFBI inspection team visited Iwaya for the beneficiary identification and registration where the prospective beneficiaries for the distribution were identified and given food vouchers to be exchanged for the food boxes on the outreach day, while the team continued with the other preparations to ensure a seamless outreach.

On the morning of the outreach, Mrs Funmi Osineye arrived at the food bank warehouse with her family and friends to volunteer in the final box packaging and loading of the truck with the food boxes and other relief items.

Due to the peculiarities of the road network within the community, the team faced a delay due to the rain earlier on the outreach morning. To commence the outreach, the Executive Director, Dr Michael Sunbola gave an opening speech and applauded the selflessness shown by the sponsor and the rest of the people who donated to the birthday fundraiser that made the intervention possible. The team of volunteers and beneficiaries gave their hearty wishes to the celebrant.

After this, Mrs Funmi Osineye gave a warm speech and expressed her gratitude to the team of volunteers for making the program a success, she also stated that it is a privilege to always be able to use her birthday anniversary to give back to the communities that need intervention.

To conclude the outreach, all the registered beneficiaries exchanged their registration cards for the food boxes and other relief items. One of the beneficiaries of the distribution, Mrs Ajoke Kekere-Ekun expressed her sincere gratitude for the initiative and prayed earnestly for God’s blessings for the organization and all the partners involved. Thelma, a volunteer of Lagos foodbank, also stated that being part of something so big that is making a difference in the lives of so many people is overwhelmingly satisfying.

Overall, it was a successful outreach and we are glad that low-income communities, such as Olowolagba, are getting the support they need.