On the 8th of December, 2021, luck shined on the vulnerable women in Ajegunle-Agege community as Microsoft Nigeria in partnership with Lagos Food Bank Initiative visited the community with hundreds of boxes of hope filled with food and non-food items. The Microsoft Nigeria Team has a culture of engaging in an annual social giving to impact society positively through an internal fundraiser to support good causes around them. Through the funds raised, they were able to provide aged women and mothers in Ajegunle-Agege with shelf-staple items that are sufficient enough to sustain a family of five for about 2-4 weeks.
On the outreach day, the Microsoft team arrived at the Food bank’s warehouse to assist in loading the food truck with the items to be distributed to the registered beneficiaries. With so much excitement and energy, the Microsoft team and Lagos Food Bank arrived at the outreach venue on Matthew Street, Agege and immediately arranged the “Feeding hope” boxes on the outreach ground. While volunteers got to work organizing food boxes and clothing, registered beneficiaries and other community members who were interested in benefitting from the Lagos Food Bank’s Innovative sustainable Job placement program went ahead on a separate registration exercise with the Job placement team. “It has been really hard surviving in this country as everything is now expensive. As a widow with 5 kids, sometimes my children and I sleep on empty stomachs. I’m grateful to God that I was around when they came to share the food tags. God bless Lagos Food Bank and Microsoft!”, said Mrs. Suleiman. One of the beneficiaries, Mrs. Ajadi also said “Thank you, Lagos Food Bank and Microsoft. I will prepare Christmas jollof rice for my children this year.”