In the spirit of celebration and positive impact, the Lagos Food Bank Initiative (LFBI) in partnership with Malta Guinness Nigeria reached muslim beneficiaries living in Ajegunle-Agege Community on Thursday, 20th April, 2023. This outreach was implemented through the Temporary Food Assistance Program to celebrate the upcoming Eid-Al-Fitr festivity of the 2023 Ramadan fast.

Agege is a suburb and Local Government Area in Ikeja division of Lagos State Nigeria. The foundation of Agege as a populated and commercial settlement began when a railway station was located close to Orile-Agege, an Awori settlement; the new railway linked Lagos with Abeokuta. It is worthy to note that large scale cocoa plantation in Yoruba land started at Agege, and by extension South Western Nigerian towns.

In a welcome address, Dr. Michael A. Sunbola, the Executive Director of LFBI appreciated Malta Guinness for the timely and impactful partnership geared towards providing quick relief to the beneficiaries. 

While also addressing the crowd of volunteers and beneficiaries, a representative of the partner for the day; Mrs. Shobola, stated that Malta Guinness believes in making a positive impact within host communities where they operate, one of which is Ajegunle-Agege. 

Volunteers and members of the Malta Guinness Nigeria team in attendance ensured proper crowd management and control of the activities, transportation of food boxes from the LFBI truck to the designation grounds was done swiftly and all registered beneficiaries received their boxes of food relief items to sustain a family of five for 2 to 4 weeks. 

In addition to the packaged boxes of hope distributed to all beneficiaries at the venue, they received frozen food donations from Atlantic Shrimpers and refreshing drinks from the Malta Guinness team.

Prayers of appreciation were made by beneficiaries for LFBI and Malta Guinness immediately after the distribution of food boxes. The outreach was successfully brought to an end.