Lagos Food Bank Initiative celebrates the testimony of Michael who was dropped by his mother with his father which resulted in his hospitalization after being diagnosed with severe malnutrition. In October 2022, through our contact, Michael was referred to us and he got enrolled under our Nutritious Meal Plan Intervention for Vulnerable Mother and Children (NUMEPLAN) program.

Through proper monitoring and evaluation and frequent feeding, Michael’s health improved significantly within 3 months of enrolment with biweekly visitation for check-up and counseling. He showed physical changes in weight from to 8.3kg, length from 57cm to 62cm and mid-upper arm circumference from 11.5cm to 13.6cm.  There was also improvement in physical appearance as Michael looks well-nourished and healthy like children his age.

Michael’s father was counseled properly on infant and young feeding practices, food fortification, feeding habits (like giving the baby food every 3/4 hours interval daily) and feeding during illnesses. They were provided with nutritious food items and supplements at every visitation.

We were thrilled to see the improvement and one could hardly believe it is the same child that was enrolled 3 months before. Food is indeed a medicine.