As part of activities to celebrate and create more awareness around active youth participation in community development, social impact and volunteering, Lagos Food Bank Initiative on the 17th of August 2022, actively took part in the 2022 International Youth Day of Service (YDoS).
The celebration which took place at the Lagos Food Bank Initiative’s warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria saw a large turnout of young people who came to learn more engaging ways they could give tangible value in their various communities and also contribute actively in making positive impact in their environment.

This year’s YDoS at Lagos Food Bank Initiative brought some uniqueness and trappings to it. Some of which include the seasoned speakers who spoke at the seminar session of the program.
Coming from different backgrounds in the development space, this year’s YDoS played host to the likes of Mr. Chidi Nwaogu of Savvy  Fellowship, Ms. Chidi Koldsweat of Donors for Africa Foundation and Dr. Abiodun Adereni of HelpMum Africa.
Each of the speakers shared their life experiences and gave insightful tips  on how young people can actively make remarkable differences within and outside their community.
And of course, there was the effortlessly delivered keynote speech by the Founder/Executive Director of Lagos Food Bank Initiative, Mr. Micheal Sunbola on the various hands-on ways  youths across different communities can key into volunteering while leading the way as changemakers.

The seminar later moved to a panel session which also played host to the  aforementioned speakers, and further provided a thought-provoking conversation on how the Nigerian youths can key into opportunities and leave things far better than they met them.Apart from the seminar session, the 2022 Lagos Food Bank Initiative  International Youth Day of Service also conducted a community outreach to provide essential food kits to the vulnerable but resilient women around underserved communities in Agege, Lagos.The outreach provided the avenue for the women to learn more about healthy dieting and meal plan for healthy living. It  also  provided the avenue for the young volunteers and other participants of the YDoS 2022 to see the need for active youth involvement in community development, nutrition intervention and social impact.

In all, it was a successful event and a clear evidence of the amazing work platforms like the Lagos Food Bank Initiative through the unwavering assistance of volunteers, donors and partners is doing across underserved and far-to-reach communities.