On Thursday 2nd May, 2024 the Lagos Food Bank Initiative officially announced the publication of its eight annual report and financial statement for the fiscal year ‘23. The report highlights the food bank’s activities and overall impact in vulnerable communities across the country.

The food bank piloted its Agricultural Recovery program by partnering with farms across the south western region of Nigeria and was recognised by the Water Air Food Awards for its impact through the Family Farming Program. 

Through strategic partnerships with corporate organisations and individuals to serve over six hundred thousand meals to its beneficiaries and increased its volunteer strength to 26,000 individuals who participate in its targeted programs and are driven by the vision and mission of the organisation.

In its announcement on social media, the food bank recognized the contributions of its  partners, donors, team, volunteers, and stakeholders for their commitment to the vision of closing the food gap in Nigeria and bringing succour to the hearts of the most vulnerable in society.

To read more about the impact of LFBI in the 2023 Annual Report, kindly click here.