In partnership with Global Food banking Network (GFN), the Lagos Food Bank Initiative (LFBI) reached its beneficiaries with food and personal care items through the Subsidy Removal Food Aid Program (SRFAP) at the food bank warehouse. The beneficiaries of the day gathered from diverse communities congregated at the food bank on Thursday 17th August, 2023.  

As the outreach commenced, the President of Lagos Food Bank Initiative, Dr. Michael Sunbola, stated that the program is on track help ease the challenges of food insecurity with the rapid increase in general market prices of food items due to the removal of fuel subsidy. He also commended the GFN on the initiative to assist vulnerable families in this dire situation.

The Subsidy Removal Food Aid Program, SRFAP, dedicated to providing hunger-relief items for vulnerable families due to the sudden increase in general market prices as a result of the removal of subsidy. The program initiative is to last for 3 months as the organization looks to help curb the economic effect of subsidy removal in low-cost communities.

The beneficiaries not only received food items but also through the Cloth Bank Nigeria program of the organization, they received clothing items, shoes, bags and other items for the families as this will enable them to focus their income on other important bills such as rent, school fees etc.

The outreach was a remarkable success with exceeding expectations as our beneficiaries expressed their excitement and gratitude as they received boxes of hope to last a family of 5 for 2-4 weeks.