Amidst the economic challenges arising from inflation and removal of fuel subsidy, Lagos Food Bank Initiative teamed up with Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Limited to provide nutritious food and personal care items for beneficiaries of the Temporary Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).

Taking place at the food bank warehouse on the 19th of April 2024, the timely outreach was instrumental in delivering hope to struggling families affected by food insecurity. A large number of beneficiaries expressed their heartfelt gratitude and delight upon receiving their packages, and prayed fervently for the food bank and their partner for the kind gesture shown towards them.

In attendance and active participation of the distribution activities were representatives of the partner organization, Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Limited, who came in numbers and cheerfully put smiles on the faces of beneficiaries during the course of the activities of the day.

In her speech to attendees of the outreach, the Ag. Head Corporate Affairs Brand and Marketing, Joke Adu, expressed her gratitude to the food bank for a successful partnership and a seamless distribution process. In her words, “we are genuinely pleased with what we have done today, as there should be nothing more fulfilling in life than helping those in need without expecting anything in return.” She also highlighted the impact of the food bank’s initiative on the lives of struggling families and advocated for more corporate organizations to key into the food bank’s vision of a hunger-free society for all.

The Founder/Executive Director of the food bank, Dr. Michael Sunbola, in his address to those present, appreciated the partner organization for their kindness to humanity. He also highlighted the importance of viable partnerships with reputable organizations as a core means for sustaining families living in underserved communities, and assured that a hunger-free society can be realized through collaborations of stakeholders in society.

Also in attendance of the outreach were the food bank volunteers who teamed up with the corporate volunteers to ensure a seamless distribution process. The outreach was a remarkable success, delivering hope to those most in need of care and support.