Lagos Food Bank Initiative through the support of Union Bank Nigeria reached out to hundreds of families in Idiko community, Mushin on the 29th of December, 2021. The organization who since the beginning of the year had reached several communities in Lagos wrapped up its activities for the year by serving the vulnerable families in Mushin community. 
“We have worked all year, going from door to door, identifying the most vulnerable families living in underserved communities. We are happy to partner with Union Bank of Nigeria today to provide food to the indigent people in this community”, the president of the food bank said. “This is my first community outreach with Lagos Food Bank and I will say that I am more than impressed by the size of food boxes these beneficiaries will be going home. I am glad to be a part of this movement and will definitely come again.”, said Tochi, a first-time volunteer.
The distribution commenced at 11:30 am with over 150 volunteers present. Also present at the outreach were members of the Union bank team to assist with the distribution. A flood of needy people kept trooping into the distribution center. However, the crowd control unit and security personnel were able to manage the situation and all beneficiaries including those who were not registered prior to the event received food and relief items. The beneficiaries showered their prayers and blessings on the organization for remembering and reaching out to their families in these trying times.