Do you want to make a difference in your community? Are you passionate about reaching out to vulnerable people but feel limited by your geography, time or personal commitments? The Lagos Food Bank Initiative has provided a seamless approach to contributing your quota towards ending hunger, right from the comfort of your home. Join our team of virtual volunteers today!


(A) Virtual Volunteering

Virtual volunteering is a type of volunteering that allows individuals to contribute their talents, time and skills to a cause that they are passionate about without being physically present at any specific location. In recent times, with the advent of technology, virtual volunteering has emerged as a powerful tool for us at LFBI to engage volunteers remotely and amplify their impact. At Lagos Food Bank, virtual volunteers are engaged in activities ranging from; Sourcing Partnership and Fundraising; Communications; Multimedia, Web development/Graphics; Grants writing and sourcing ; Food sourcing; Program creative and Contributors; Family farming ( Securing LFBI partnerships with commercial farms);  Research; and Job Placement for beneficiaries etc. Volunteering with LFBI is a unique experience. Our community members are committed to fighting hunger and ending poverty. We work together in a ‘safe work space’ to achieve our goal.


(B) Benefits of LFBI Virtual Volunteering Program

  • Expanded Reach and Impact: At LFBI, virtual volunteering enables us to reach wider audience and extend their impact beyond their local communities. Volunteers can contribute remotely to projects on hunger and malnutrition.
  • Diverse Skill Sets and Expertise: Virtual volunteers bring a diverse range of skills, expertise, and perspectives that can complement the LFBI existing resources. This can result in innovative solutions, fresh ideas, and a broader knowledge base, enriching our programs and creating sustainable change.
  • Increased Awareness and Advocacy: Virtual volunteers can play a crucial role in raising awareness about the problem of food insecurity and advocating for positive change through online campaigns, social media, and virtual events. This can amplify the LFBIs’ voice, engage a wider audience, and drive social change at a systemic level.
  • Access to Global Talent: Virtual volunteering allows us to tap into a diverse pool of volunteers from around the world. This provides access to a wider range of skills, expertise, and perspectives, which can greatly enhance our capacity to address complex issues.

Furthermore, as a virtual volunteer, there are many benefits you can gain, such as:

  • Flexibility and Inclusivity: virtual volunteering provides an opportunity to work on your own schedule, at your own pace and in your own space. It also enables participation from individuals who may face physical or geographical barriers to traditional volunteering, such as people with disabilities or those living in remote areas.
  • Personal and Professional Development: Our virtual volunteering program offers opportunities for volunteers to develop new skills, gain practical experience, and broaden their horizons. This can boost their personal and professional growth, improve their resume, and enhance their employability.
  • Cost-Effective: Virtual volunteering eliminates the need for volunteers to travel to a physical location, reducing costs associated with logistics, transportation, and accommodation
  • Impact: virtual volunteering connects you to a cause that’s larger than yourself, you are able to improve people’s lives by helping them access sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty
  • Community: Virtual volunteering provides an opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded people who share a common interest in giving back.


(C) Virtual Volunteering Opportunities at The Lagos Food Bank

There are several units of virtual volunteering at LFBI. To begin volunteering your time, you can register in any of the units ranging from partnerships & fundraising, communications, multimedia (web development and graphics), program creatives and contributors, EDUFOOD, family farming and job placement. Do note that the program requires anywhere from 1-5 hours per week, to 10+ hours per week, depending on the specific volunteer position.

Please note:

i. all donations and funds raised should not be from the pocket of virtual volunteers

ii. the mode of activity execution and tracking of hours would be communicated at the point of virtual volunteers’ onboarding



How do I become a Virtual Volunteer?

To become a virtual volunteer, fill out the volunteer registration form to get started. Once filled and submitted, an on-boarding confirmation email will be sent to your registered email. As soon as your registration is successful, kindly click here to sign up for virtual volunteering.


How can I track my volunteer hours to qualify for a reference or certificate?

To be eligible for a reference letter or community service certificate, a volunteer must have participated in virtual volunteering for a period of 5 months, after which all points accrued for tasks completed will be reviewed.

Volunteers having a total of 60 points would qualify for a reference while those with a total of 120 points would be qualified for a certificate.