On Friday, 14th of April 2023 Lagos Food Bank Initiative organized a training program to teach non-profits on how to build sustainability in the industry and the viable steps to take to make lasting impacts in the society. After the training session, Lagos Food Bank donated food items to the NGOs to reach out to several communities in Nigeria through the Food Bank Network Nigeria program.

To commence the outreach, the program officer made a brief introduction to the NGOs on the impact of Lagos Food Bank through their several targeted programs, and how the Food Bank Network is an important aspect of the organization.  There was a general interactive session, where the NGOs were able to share the impacts they were making in their communities.

During the training session, Azuma Rachael, the founder of Abimslove4all Initiative shared their experience on the importance of having a network and how networking and partnership has helped to increase their reach.

Dr Michael Sunbola, the Executive Director of LFBI laid emphasis on building the right structure to ensure the organization is able to survive changes and to encourage continuity.

Mrs Odion, a representative of Women of Inestimable Values expressed her sincere gratitude and stated that the training is a well needed intervention for growing NGOs.

In the second session of the program, all the NGOs present received the donated food items to be used for their outreaches in their respective communities.

The donated items will help the NGOs to reach more beneficiaries in their communities across and reduce the impact of hunger and food insecurity in the country.

List of NGOs:

  1. Abimslove4all Initiative
  2. Child Life Line
  3. Mawumadoka Children Foundation
  4. Raising Star Africa Foundation
  5. Save a Child Mission
  6. Women of Inestimable Values