With regards to the current state of the economy in Nigeria, and how difficult it has been for several household to have access to food, Lagos Food Bank, on Thursday, 23rd of February 2023, reaches out the a vulnerable group, the aged and the widows to reduce the impact of hunger created by the economic downturn.

The outreach was held at the Lagos Food Bank warehouse with a large crowd of beneficiaries in attendance. The aim of the outreach was to ensure the availability of healthy and nutritious meal to the elderly and the widows in the society, to reduce the impact of food insecurity and to make food available for all.

In preparation for the outreach, the LFBI beneficiary registration team reached out to the beneficiaries and invited them for the nutritional intervention at the Food Bank warehouse. On the morning of the outreach, some of the volunteers gathered at the warehouse to do some last minute preparation and to interact with the beneficiaries that were already gathered at the venue.

At 3pm, the distribution commenced and the compliance team worked hard to ensure a smooth and seamless distribution of food and other personal care items.

The beneficiaries expressed their profound gratitude and stated that the distribution was timely, and will reduce the effect of hunger created by the current situation of the country. In conclusion, the scarcity relief outreach was successful, and we are glad to see that the donated items will help several households to have access to healthy food.