On Friday 15th March, 2024 the Lagos Food Bank Initiative officially announced the launched its Ramadan Food Assistance Program (RFAP); an annual program is a food relief intervention that is set to provide raw and cooked nutritious meals for iftar to vulnerable families in Lagos, Nigeria, who are grappling with food insecurity as a result of the skyrocketing food prices.

At its flag off outreach the Executive Director of LFBI Dr Michael Sunbola stated “It is important for us to reach out to our Muslim beneficiaries with nutritious relief items that ensure they receive adequate nutrients during this fasting season especially with the aftermath of the removal of fuel subsidies on the price of food items”. He also called on partnerships with individuals and corporate organizations during this season to give the food bank beneficiaries relief, sustenance, and renewed hope.

Lagos Food Bank commenced this intervention to mitigate the effects of the rising food inflation which poses a challenge to fasting Muslims who already struggle with poverty and food insecurity, improve the overall well-being and health of Muslim beneficiaries, and provide support during the Ramadan fasting period enabling them to divert already limited funds for more important use.

Date of Launch: Friday 15th March, 2024

Target Beneficiaries: Fasting Muslim Beneficiaries.