On Thursday, 20th of July 2023 Lagos Food Bank Initiative organized a distribution outreach to donate food items to 9 non-profit organizations in respect to the increasing cost of food items in the country, which is making it more difficult for low-income households to access food. This distribution is targeted at ensuring that the vulnerable population living in far-to-reach communities have access to healthy and nutritious food through redistribution by the partner NGOs.

For the first session of the distribution program, we had a training session for the NGOs on how to design an effective communication plan for their NGOs. Mr Emmanuel, a representative of Lighted Pearl Africa Foundation stated that the training session was impactful and it opened his eyes to several areas they can improve on as an organization.

Dr Michael Sunbola, the Executive Director of Lagos Food Bank Initiative, in his remark stated that the distribution is a partnership between Lagos Food Bank and the organizations, and it is aimed at increasing the reach of the NGOs to ensure that more households have access to healthy and nutritious food.

The distribution session commenced briefly and all the NGOs present were given bags of grains and other food items to be distributed to the beneficiaries of their community intervention.

To conclude the program, a representative for each organization present expressed their sincere gratitude. Mr Daniels, a representative of Pealim Foundation stated that the timely donation would go to vulnerable children, widows and other beneficiaries of their programs.

Overall, the distribution would reduce the hunger gap in underserved communities and it would ensure more households have access to healthy and nutritious meals.


Congratulations to the selected beneficiary organizations:

  1. Aanu Foundation
  2. Camp Adventure Africa Initiative
  3. Jael pearls foundation
  4. Jewels Ladies Foundation
  5. Lighted Pearl Africa Foundation
  6. Marvellous Nnaji Foundation
  7. Pealim Foundation
  8. Project Grey Nigeria
  9. The Heartmenders Foundation