On Thursday, 14th September 2023 Lagos Food Bank Initiative hosted 8 nutrition focused NGOs at the Food Bank warehouse. The aim of the outreach was to support the effort of the NGOs in their local communities to reach more low-income households.

At the start of the outreach, a representative of each NGO gave a brief overview of the work of their organization in their communities. Mr Peter Aloya, the founder of Be a Gift to All Foundation expressed his deep gratitude to Lagos Food Bank Initiative and stated that their organization has benefited from the Food Bank Network for about 7 times.

The Executive Director of Lagos Food Bank, Dr Michael Sunbola gave a short message where he applauded the effort of all the NGOs present and encouraged them to keep up the good work they are doing across the communities.

The program officer gave a brief insight on important communications factors that NGOs must adopt to ensure a smooth running of their operations.

All the NGOs present extended their appreciation for the support through the food donation, and they stated that the donations would go a long way to help the beneficiaries of their programs.

Congratulations to the selected beneficiary organizations:
1. Be a Gift to All Foundation
2. Crimson Bow Sickle Cell Initiative
3. Damsy Foundation
4. Diamond Center for Children Living with Disabilities
5. Nikel’s Aid Foundation
6. Passion for the Needy Initiative
7. Peculiar Treasure Outreach
8. The Candlelight Foundation