On Friday, 24th May 2024 Lagos Food Bank Initiative distributed food items to 10 nutrition focused NGOs at the Food Bank warehouse to reach vulnerable children in celebration of children’s day. This is to ensure that children and their households in food-insecure communities also share in the joy of the celebration by reaching them with food and other relief items.

At the start of the outreach, a representative of each NGO gave a brief overview of the work of their organization in their communities. Mrs Okene Oluwafunmilayo, the founder of Divine Intervention Impact Foundation expressed her appreciation to Lagos Food Bank for their continued support and stated that the donations have been helpful in increasing their reach to food-insecure households.

The Executive Director of Lagos Food Bank, Dr Michael Sunbola gave a short message where he encouraged all the NGOs to keep up their good work of fighting hunger in Nigeria.

The Food Bank Network Officer, Adebanke Oniyide implored the NGOs present to pay more attention to documenting and communicating their impacts; as this is vital in attracting collaborations and partnerships.

All the NGOs present extended their appreciation for the support through the food donation, and they stated that the donations would go a long way to help the beneficiaries of their programs.

Congratulations to the selected beneficiary organizations:

  1. Team-Elite Youth foundation
  2. Raising Star Africa Foundation
  3. Soromidayo Foundation
  4. Motherhood NG Initiative
  5. GLOHWOC Foundation
  6. Emmy Food Bank Initiatives
  7. Foundation for Excellent Living and Development
  8. Pop Empowerment Foundation
  9. Hope for HIV/AIDS International
  10. Ancient Help Welfare