The current economic situation is pushing more households further into food-insecurity. This in turn is increasing the pressure on local non-profits who are working to reduce this burden of hunger in their communities. This is why, on Thursday, 26th of October 2023, Lagos Food Bank Initiative organized a distribution program for credible nutrition-focused NGOs to support their effort of providing food for the vulnerable population. This intervention was in response to the inability of low-income households to accessing nutritious meals.

The primary objective of this distribution initiative is to reduce the hunger gap in underserved communities. By providing nutritious food items to our partner NGOs, we aim to ensure that more households have access to healthy and nourishing meals. We are committed to continuing our
collaboration and supporting your organizations in their vital missions.

Distribution Event Highlights:

  • Food Distribution:
    All the beneficiary NGOs were provided with bags of grains, packaged food products and other essential food items. These provisions are intended to be distributed to beneficiaries within the community interventions conducted by your respective organizations.
  • Partner NGOs’ Training Session:
    In the first session of the program, the Partner Agency Relations Officer shared a training on the importance of having a good communication strategy with the NGOs, she stated that having a clear method of communication not only improves the credibility of the organizations, but it also encourages partnerships from different stakeholders. The session was well-received by all participants.
    Mr. Sevoh Okikiola, the founder of Advocacy for Prisons and Orphanages Organization, expressed that the intervention is very timely and that the training had opened his eyes to the areas of communication that his organization needs to improve on.
  • Remarks by Dr. Michael Sunbola:
    Dr. Michael Sunbola, the Executive Director of Lagos Food Bank Initiative, emphasized the collaborative nature of this distribution initiative. It is a partnership between Lagos Food Bank and the recipient organizations, with the collective goal of extending the reach of NGOs to ensure that more households, especially those in remote and underserved communities, have access to healthy and nutritious food. He also advised the NGOs on the importance of proper record keeping for their organizations.
  • Expressions of Gratitude:
    To conclude the program, representatives from each organization took time to express their sincere gratitude. Mr. Abdulfatah, the Team Lead of Gifting Without Borders Foundation, conveyed their appreciation and stated that this would indeed go a long way to reach the people they serve.


List of NGOs:

  1. Abi Welfare Foundation
  2. Abimslove4allinitiative
  3. Advocacy For Prisons and Orphanages Organization
  4. Emmy Food Bank Initiatives
  5. Gifting Without Borders Foundation
  6. Remilekun Foundation for Women and Children