On Saturday 23rd July 2022, Lagos Food Bank initiative delivered hope, love and food to the vulnerable people of Oworonshoki community through their Temporary Emergency Food Intervention Program (TEFAP).

Oworonshoki community is a suburb located in Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos State. Despite the large population, the community still lacks basic amenities/facilities ranging from good drinking water, secondary school, roads and hospitals.  The residents live in an undignified manner in the slum.

The day started on a good note with volunteers arriving the food bank to load the packed boxes into the truck. The food bank team left the warehouse at 9.20am and arrived at the community at 10:50am on Saturday morning. The members of the community excitedly welcomed the volunteers of LFBI as they began arranging the boxes of hope at the designated space.

One of the elderly beneficiaries Mrs. Toyin was delighted at the sight of all the goodies that were packaged for her and her family and prayed profusely for the organizations. The children and other members of the community were not left out as they also received items like fairly used clothes, and other non-essential items. The women and children looked elated as they left the outreach ground with their boxes of hope and other non-essential items.