As a way of appreciating the unwavering support and contributions of the food bank volunteers throughout the impact journey of fighting hunger and malnutrition in low-cost communities, Lagos Food Bank Initiative hosted its volunteers for the annual end of year celebration at the food bank warehouse on Christmas Eve, 24th of December, 2023.

The event witnessed a large turn out of volunteers who graced the occasion in style, providing them with the right atmosphere to unwind, network and have a jolly time with fellow volunteers.

In his welcome speech for the day, the Founder/Executive Director of the food bank, Dr. Michael Sunbola, expressed a heartfelt gratitude to the food bank volunteers for their resilience, kindness and selfless acts of compassion and commitment towards achieving the organization’s goal. He revealed that their consistent involvement in the organization’s mission remains a source of motivation and inspiration to him and he urged them to continue to carry the spirit of volunteerism far and beyond, striving together to create a society where sufficient and nutritious food is equitable to all. He also acknowledged the effort of the food bank team for the hard work put in throughout the year to ensure yet another milestone of growth and impact in serving humanity.

Also taking place at the event was the award recognition of three excellent volunteers Orefejo Olayemi, Adelekan Mosope and Ojo Olabanjo who have been outstanding in volunteerism throughout the year. Their consistency, commitment and leadership qualities were deserving of recognition as they set exemplary standards worthy of emulation.

With lots of fun activities, games, drinks and foods, to keep volunteers engaged and sharing fun memories with one another, Lagos Food Bank Initiative’s Volunteers End of Year celebration was a remarkable success, appreciating the act of volunteerism in style as the end of yet another impactful year draws near.