In recognition of the tremendous achievements and efforts of youths all over the world in respect to social impact and community development, Lagos Food Bank Initiative in partnership with  aLeap Africa joined the rest of the world to celebrate this year’s International Youth Day of Service on the 12th of August, 2023, in historical fashion.

The event which was held at the Lagos Food Bank Initiative’s warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria, witnessed a large number of youths in attendance, seizing the opportunity to partake in the activities of the day which included a youth seminar and a Youth Service Outreach to beneficiaries of our Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program within the food bank communities.

The 2023 YDOS seminar was an exceptional experience for all. Themed; “Enhancing the Role of Social Responsibility Across All Sectors,” the seminar commenced with a flawless keynote speech by the Founder/Executive Director of Lagos Food Bank Initiative, Dr. Michael Sunbola, on the importance of social responsibility in a youthful society, encouraging all youths to be more committed in impacting the society positively through volunteering and other productive aspects.

Championing different sectors of the Nigerian economy, Lagos Food Bank Initiative hosted highly reputable personalities in the likes of Mrs. Seun Olagunju-Lana, the Founder of The Development School Africa, Mrs. Tope Okodugha, Founder and Lead Designer of MaiBecca and the Co-Founder of Dukiya Investments, Mr. Bayo Lawal.

The guest speakers shared their experiences on their various journeys to success, giving priceless tips to inspire and motivate Nigerian youths to set them up for success in their diverse works of life.

Also, they did well to educate our audience on various social responsibilities that influence all sectors in the Nigerian economy for greater positivity and productivity.

The seminar advanced to a panel session where the above-mentioned speakers provided insightful answers to questions on entrepreneurship, as the secret to a better Nigerian economy. They encouraged and challenged young vibrant Nigerians to come up with problem-solving ideas to address national and societal issues, and to be persistent and consistent in making their ideas a reality.

Youths and  guests in attendance were thrilled by the experience as they fully engaged in every aspect of the event with excitement.

A Youth Service Outreach followed shortly after the  seminar at the Lagos Food Bank Initiative warehouse, where food and personal care items were distributed to vulnerable but resilient men and women from within the food bank communities. The purpose of the outreach was to reach beneficiaries living in low-cost communities with their daily needs, and to lead by example, providing an avenue for our volunteers and other participants of this year’s YDOS to actively take part in community development and making a positive social impact, to honour this year’s International Youth Day Of Service.

In conclusion, the 2023 Youth Day of Service celebration was a remarkable success and a revelation of the social impact in community development the Lagos Food Bank Initiative has accomplished over the years through the dedication and commitment of volunteers, donors, partners and every member of the organization towards achieving a well-nourished and hunger-free society for all.