Food is an essential part of life, however, due to the current economic situation of the country
more households keep falling into the ditch of food insecurity.

This is why on Saturday 16th September, 2023, Lagos Food Bank held a nutrition intervention in
partnership with Global Foodbanking Network to reach the seniors and vulnerable adults in
Oworonshoki with food and other relief items that would last a family of five for about 1-2

The President of Lagos Food Bank Initiative, Dr Michael Sunbola, expressed his much-felt
gratitude to the volunteers for coming for the outreach despite the poor condition of the
weather. He also mentioned prior to government intervention after the subsidy removal, the food bank initiated the SRFAP to mitigate the effects by providing food relief to the most vulnerable families.

The beneficiaries of the intervention complained bitterly about how the current economic
situation has made feeding extremely difficult in their households. They prayed passionately for
the organization and all the people that took out time to visit their community with the food

The Subsidy Removal Food Aid Program(SRFAP) is an intervention of Lagos Food Bank that is
set to cushion the effect of food-insecurity in low income households.