Saturday 6th May, 2024 was a joyful day for the beneficiaries of the Family Farming program of the Lagos Food Bank Initiative received their startup agricultural  materials required to start their backyard farms which included poultry materials such as cages, feed, chicks, multivitamins & antibiotics and vegetable materials such as vegetable seeds and manure. 

The outreach was in partnership with Access Bank Plc to promote food security and self-sustenance through the empowerment of the program’s beneficiaries. Alongside its volunteers, the food bank team equipped beneficiaries of two communities in Papa Ashafa and Agege communities respectively with all the materials and gave detailed explanations to the beneficiaries on how to set up their poultry. 

In a remark to the beneficiaries, the President of the food bank, Dr Michael Sunbola “encouraged the beneficiaries of the day to put in their best to ensure the success of their farms. He stated that the food bank will continue to equip more beneficiaries and will provide support as needed. He also appreciated the partners for their proactiveness in ensuring families have a stable source of income especially with the current economic situation”

“I am happy that I have received this farming material today from the food bank to start my backyard farms. I attended the training where they taught me and other women how to rear chickens and plant vegetables. These materials that they have brought will support me and my family as I will sell and buy more to expand my farm. I really appreciate the food bank” stated Mrs Falilat after the outreach.