In commemoration of the world diabetes day, the Lagos Food Bank Initiative held a sensitization and nutrition intervention program on the 14th of November, 2022 through its Nutrition Intervention for Diabetes Self-management, (NIDS) program. To start the outreach, there was a general health education on diabetes where different myths surrounding the medical condition were addressed. During the question and answer session, the general knowledge of the beneficiaries about diabetes was tested, and it was impressive to see that there was a good knowledge of the proper feeding habits for a diabetic.

The program began with the health education and blood sugar testing by the Lagos Food Bank’s  in-house nutritionists, and volunteer health workers. After the health talk and medical screening, the beneficiaries were properly counseled on diabetes, misconceptions surrounding it and they were educated on the benefits of following their meal plans and taking their prescribed drugs regularly.

To close the World Diabetes Day Outreach, we held a nutritional intervention, and all the beneficiaries were gifted with a box of hope themed to cater for their dietary needs. All the beneficiaries expressed their profound gratitude as they departed.